Monday, May 27, 2013

Witty dialogue

A good friend and writer friend of mine, Ella Quinn, has inspired me. She faithfully posts wonderful blogs, and sometimes they are about her stories. On her blog today fellow authors are welcome to post an excerpt of witty dialogue. Well...because I'm not at work and I actually have the time, I couldn't resist. That also got me thinking...why don't I do this on my own blog?

So, without further ado, I will post an excerpt from book #3 of my sweet Regency romance series, which is what I'm currently working on and nearly finished with - "The Sweetest Love".

This scene is about my secondary characters - Lord Hawthorne (Dominic / Nic) who is the hero's friend, and Tabitha who is the heroine's maid. Dominic isn't used to women ignoring him and turning away his charm, but Tabitha can see right through him and doesn't like him one bit. **HINT...Nic and Tabitha are my hero and heroine in book #4 - The Sweetest Secret** Also in this scene, Nic is trying to keep Tabitha occupied while Tristan & Diana (hero & heroine in The Sweetest Love) are having a private talk. At this point in the story, Tristan and Nic think Tabitha is a killer...
Nic grumbled under his breath. Tabitha was more intelligent than he gave her credit for. But of course she was smart. Who else could have killed two lords without leaving a trace of evidence?
“Forgive me for upsetting you, my dear. I fear I’ve been doing that quite a lot lately, and it’s not my intention.”
She arched an eyebrow. “Then tell me, Lord Hawthorne, what exactly is your intention?”
“Just to get to know you better.” He set his empty glass on the table next to him.
“Because you intrigue me. Is that not enough reason?”
“No.” She placed her glass on the small table beside the sofa before turning to look at him again. “Lords like yourself have no business wanting to get to know women servants so personally. There is only one reason masters want to chum with us, and it’s only for seduction reasons. As I told you before, I will not allow that to happen.”
“And as I told you before,” he moved closer, sliding his arm along the back of the sofa until it touched her shoulder, “that is not my purpose. In fact, I’m getting quite annoyed that seduction is all you can think about.”
Me?” She gasped. “I assure you, that is not what I’m thinking about.”
“Yet, every time we have talked, our conversations always end on this subject. Tell me why that is, especially if you never think about it as you proclaim.”
“Once again, my lord, you are putting words into my mouth.”
He dropped his focus to her lips and wished she would stop bringing his attention to that most tempting feature on her face. “Actually, I think you are trying to put ideas into my head, my dear.”
“I am not.”
He met her heated gaze. “No? Then why are you talking to me like this? I never once mentioned seduction, and already in our short conversation, you have brought it up a few times.”
“Lord Hawthorne, not only do I wish we could cease this most improper topic, I can assure you seduction is the last thing on my mind.”
He narrowed his gaze on her and tilted his head slightly as he studied her. “You know, Tabitha I believe you.”
Her eyes widened. “You do?”
“Indeed, I think I have been mistaken about you. Now I can clearly see that seduction is not what you want at all. It’s obvious that you are too frigid to be the kind of woman who is passionate like that.” He nodded. “Now I see why no man has claimed you for his own yet.”
She inhaled sharply and her whole body went stiff. “What?” she shrieked. “You cannot be serious.”
“Oh, I’m indeed very serious. Everything is beginning to make sense.” He gave a light laugh as he stood and walked to the liquor tray, tempted to pour himself another drink, but refrained for the moment. “You are the first woman I’ve come across who didn’t enjoy my attention. Now I know why.”
“That is not why!” She jumped to her feet and stormed toward him.
He held up his hands in surrender. “No need to get upset. It’s all right to admit that you are not interested in men.”
“For the love of—” she muttered something incoherently. “You are the most infuriating man I’ve ever met, and you are very wrong. I am indeed interested in men.”
“Actually, you’re not.” He grinned.
Tabitha stomped her foot. “I am!”
“Forgive me for not believing, but you have shown nothing of the sort, my dear.”
Her face turned so red he thought it would explode. She grumbled under her breath.
He’d give anything to know her thoughts right now. Taunting her this way was quite enjoyable, and yet…it was as if he wanted to goad her into doing something that only happened in his dreams.
Shame on him because he’d never had to sink to this level with a woman before. If teasing her and seeing the fire in her eyes wasn’t so stimulating…
“You insufferable…jackanapes! If you weren’t so thick-skulled, you’d see…” She gnashed her teeth. “Augh!”
He wanted to laugh out loud, but he worried she’d catch on to his game. “Tabitha, there is no need for name-calling. I promise I shall not speak a word to anyone about this discovery.”
Stepping closer, she clutched his shoulders. “If I didn’t hate you so much, I’d…I’d…”
“You would what, my dear?” he said almost in a whisper, hoping she’d do what he wanted her to do.
Her gaze pierced his before it wandered over his face, coming to rest on his mouth. Dryness gathered in his throat, and he didn’t dare move, especially when her angry expression slowly disappeared and was replaced with one he never imagined he would see on her.
**COMING SOON - The Sweetest Secret** - Nic & Tabitha's story...


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I love this Marie.

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Thanks Ella! I want to be like you when I grow up.