Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm so nervous!

Yesterday I heard from a Christian publisher who I had submitted my story Heart Of A Hero to two weeks ago. The publisher didn't offer a contract...but encouraged me to wait a week. (grins) Apparently, she had started reading my story out of curiosity and couldn't stop reading. She told me she was HOOKED. Not only that, she said she'd stayed after work to finish reading the story. I tell you, that is a HUGE compliment!! Now I have to be patient and wait another week to hear from her. Keep your fingers crossed!

Along with all the excitement yesterday, I was finally being able to figure out my hero in my newest story - Surrender Your Heart. In my story Heart Of A Hero, my heroine had brothers and sisters... Surrender Your Heart is one of the sister's stories. The hero was being difficult and not letting me figure him out. Finally, we had a heart-to-heart talk yesterday and I figured him out. Now I can't wait to start back on the story. Whew! My goal is to have this story as action-packed as Heart Of A Hero.