Thursday, March 21, 2013

Book Covers get a facelift!

I decided to give my Regency series stories - The Sons of Worthington - better book covers that make the books actually look like Regencies. I'd gotten comments from readers that stated they didn't think the covers looked Regency enough. Well, thanks to a great friend of mine who will be opening a website soon and selling photos she has taken from the gowns made especially for historical romance lovers (like me)... I found my new book covers!  And, thanks to Sheri McGathy, my wonderful cover artist, for making them look so elegant!

Only two of my books are written & published right now, but I'm working on book 3 - which hopefully will be finished and out by the end of April.

So...what do you think?




Monday, March 18, 2013

My new pics!

My Regency series is going to get a facelift soon. Here are some pics taken from a great friend of mine!

The Sweetest Kiss

The Sweetest Touch
The Sweetest Love
The Sweetest Secret