Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I want to thank everyone who entered the Spring Cleaning Blog Hop.  I have chosen one winner for each three of the books I was giving away.

Terri Matlock has won " In The Highlander's Bed"

Chris has won "Pride & Popularity"

Lilian has won "Once A Princess"

I'll email each one to let them know they won and get mailing addresses.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Facelift!

I'm happy to announce another facelift! My Christian Historical Romance - "A Walk In Heaven" will be in paperback really soon.

Joshua Grayson is not happy about his new sister-in-law’s visit and he uses the term ‘sister-in-law’ loosely as Careen Kennedy Grayson was a complete stranger. Joshua’s brother, Matthew, left the family ranch in the dead of night to run away and wed a woman he’d never met. The fact Matthew was killed moments after walking out of the church with his new bride merely adds insult to injury. Joshua struggles with resentment and trying not to blame Careen for his brother’s death. But it is difficult not to harbor ill feelings when he knows she’s keeping secrets. Despite his suspicions, Joshua slowly grows attracted to Careen and even starts to like her. Unfortunately, Joshua knows all too well the folly of loving a woman he cannot trust.

Careen Kennedy Grayson was married and widowed within minutes of the other. When her obsessive cousin, Luther, arrives minutes after Matthew’s death, she knows deep down he’s the one who killed Matthew. Luther is arrested and held for trial while Careen takes her husband’s body back to his family. Soon after arriving at the loving Grayson ranch, Careen learns of her mother-in-law’s heart condition. Unwilling to cause undue stress, Careen decides to wait until after Luther’s trial to speak the full truth of their son’s death. Soon Careen grows embedded in family and ranch life, getting closer to the Grayson’s with each passing day. She finds herself unnaturally drawn to Joshua and she knows their budding attraction will only complicate matters… Especially when the family discovers her cousin did indeed kill Matthew.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning Giveaway Hop!

I'm part of another book giveaway hop! (I love these things, can't you tell?) This time I'll be giving away three different books -- but none of them are mine. These are ones I have been given or bought and read but I don't need them sitting around in my office any longer. So they are yours for the taking! I'll be picking THREE winners. I will only ship to winners who live in the United States.

I'll pick the winners on March 26th. In order to be entered in the drawing, please follow my blog and comment on my blog with your name and email - and which book you would like to win.

Here are the three I'm giving away...

"Pride & Popularity" by Jenni James (young adult)
Chloe Elizabeth Hart despises the conceited antics of the popular crowd, or more importantly, one very annoying self-possessed guy, Taylor Anderson, who seems determined to make her the president of his fan club! As if! Every girl in the whole city of Farmington, New Mexico, is in love with him, but he seems to be only interested in Choloe. This modern high school adaption of Pride and Prejudice is a battle of wits as Chloe desperately tries to remain the only girl who can avoid the inevitable falling for Taylor.

"In The Highlander's Bed" by Cathy Maxwell (romance novel)
Highland warrior Gordon Lachlan has spent his life fiercely battling the English. Now, to claim victory for his clan, he must retrieve the legendary Sword of the MacKenna from the hands of his mortal enemies. His plan: to kidnap Constance Cameron from her remote boarding school and force her wellborn relatives to surrender the sword as her ransom.

But Lachlan is surprised that the woman he's snatched from her bed is no malleable miss. Constance longs for adventure. She's tantalized by Lachlan and his passionate cause . . . and tempted enough by his seductive ways to wonder what it would be like to find herself in the Highlander's bed . . .

"Once A Princess" by Johanna Lindsey (romance novel)

Once Upon A Time...
In a rustic Missiissippi tavern, a beautiful exiled princess was forced to dance for the pleasure of others--unaware of her regal birthright...and infuriated by a magnificent golden-eyed devil who crossed an ocean to possess her.

From A Far Off Land...
A bold and brazen prince came to America to claim his promised bride. But the spirited vixen spurned his affections while inflaming his royal blood with passion's fire...impelling virile Stefan Barany to take in sensuous and searing conquest the love Tatiana vowed never to yield.

Look for others who are doing giveaways like me... 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Facelift and new title!

Hello everyone! I'm working on getting my Colonial romance into print! In order to do this I needed a new book cover so I hired a wonderful lady to help me. Here is a link to some of Sheri's work - ...and my cover is there!

After we found the perfect cover, I realized the current title, "Pretending You Are Mine" was not working any longer. So I held a contest with some of my friends to find the perfect title that went along with my story - and the new cover. The new title is... (drum roll)...  "Take My Heart".  Once I heard this title I KNEW this was the one! Even my character's rejoiced in my head. lol  I'll keep you informed when this book is available in print.

So...without further is the wonderful cover (see bigger size on the book page) -

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meet Mandi Tucker Slack

Mandi Slack grew up in Orangeville, UT, where her father worked as a coal miner for eighteen years. In 1987 the coal mines shut down for a time and her father joined the U.S. Army. They were stationed in Hanau, Germany, and she had the opportunity to explore Europe. Mandi’s family returned to Utah in 1992, and they settled in Orangeville, Utah, where she attended and completed High School. She then attended the College of Eastern Utah, where she studied Geology. Eventually Mandi changed her major and moved on to Utah State University while she completed a degree in Special Education. She then married her best friend, Charles Slack. They have three children, two dogs, and a lizard (sometimes several lizards).Their family loves to spend time together and one of their favorite things to do is rock hound and camp. Her house is littered with rocks and minerals. Mandi loves the outdoors and she enjoys writing suspenseful novels and short stories.

Mandi, tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a mom of three great kids. I have two boys, ages 7 and 6 and a little girl, who is 3. I’ve been married for 12 years and we love living in Utah. I grew up in Emery County and I feel very blessed for the memories I have. I love the desert and mountains, and I’ve been interested in everything from archeology to paleontology…and I could go on and on. Really, I just love the outdoors. One of my favorite hobbies is collecting and searching for fossil in the desert and surrounding areas. I also grew up frequenting museums and accompanying my parents on archeological digs in the San Rafael, and I love to incorporate my hobbies and interests into my writing. I love spending time with my husband and children and we spend most weekends rock hounding or exploring new places as a family. I’ve written several manuscripts, all in various stages of editing, and The Alias is my first published novel.

Mandi, your life sounds very interesting!! I bet you would have lots of story ideas from where you've been. Tell us about your story, “The Alias” and what inspired you to write this.

Jacey Grayson is a recently divorced mother who learns some frightening news about her ex-husband, John. Frightened, she and her son Blaze flee to Utah to hide among rural Mormons. The main theme in The Alias is Jacey’s attempt to overcome years of abuse and develop a sense of who she really is. As the story progresses we see her desire to change and grow. She struggles with feelings of guilt and remorse for staying with her ex-husband so long and exposing her son to abuse, but as the story progresses we also see how she uses the lessons from her past to move forward into a more promising future.

My story ideas usually come from a conglomeration of different events that touch my life. At the time, a close friend was pursuing a divorce where she had suffered some spousal abuse. I was struck by the amount of strength it would take to leave behind such a marriage and the amount of courage needed to build a new life. One of the main themes in The Alias is domestic violence. Jacey, the protagonist, is attempting to build a new life for her son after leaving behind an abusive and controlling husband. One reviewer said, “Having had some spousal abuse myself, the author handled the topic with a maturity I appreciated.” I’ve really tried to portray that quiet strength in this novel.

Mandi, that is amazing to have recevied a comment like that from a reviewer. Congrats!  So tell me, have you fashioned your characters after anyone?  If so, who – and why?

To a point, yes. However, I like to combine many different characteristics to develop my characters. I think everyone is unique, and I love to watch people. I stare…a lot. I think I scare people, but I stare because I’m so amazed by the different personalities that make up society. I love watching how other mothers interact with their children, how couples interrelate, and how we as strangers affect each other’s lives. I love to combine different characteristics to develop my characters, because just as we are all uniquely different, so too are the characters in books. My characters are a mix of everything that I love and hate, everything that I want to be, and everything that I hope I never am.

You truly are a writer then! That's great you were able to pick up on those traits so quickly. How did you become a writer?  What or who inspired you?

 As a young woman I loved to read. I devoured books, and little-by-little my interest in writing developed. I wrote my first full-length novel when I was 12 years-old. It’s terrible, but I’ve held onto it through the years because, really, I am very proud of that tattered manuscript. Writing my very own adventure story was such a thrill, and since that time, I’ve always aspired to become a published author. Unfortunately, as I grew older, time became scarce and my writing fell to the background. Then, about four years ago, my husband returned to school and in the evenings while he attended classes, I wrote. I finished my first novel, The Alias, during his first semester. Not long after, I decided to take a chance and send my manuscript into a publisher. I had to work hard to see my dreams realized, but I don’t regret a minute of my time spent.

That's great, Mandi.  You have come a long way! And that's awesome you still have your very first manuscript. I wish I could say the same.  What stories are in your future?

 I’ve just recently signed a new contract with my publisher for a paranormal/ suspense. I’m very excited to see this book in print. The book is titled (title), and you can read a short article I wrote explaining my inspiration for the new book on my blog at

Kadence Reynold's favorite pastime is exploring old ghost towns. When she and her sister, Maysha, stumble across an old journal and cheap pendant hidden in the depths of a crumbling foundation their world is suddenly turned upside down. Immediately, strange dreams and premonitions begin to haunt "Kadie" as she learns more about the keeper of the journal, Charlotte Clark. With her curiosity and good humor intact, Kadie sets out on a journey to learn more about Charlotte and her family. She travels to Bremerton, Washington, where she discovers Charlotte's still living twin sister, Adelaide and her family. Little does anyone know, the journal contains secrets that will plunge Kadie, Maysha, and Adelaide's family into a world filled with mystery, past regrets, and dark unknowns……
That sounds like a great story, Mandi, and CONGRATS on the contract!!  How can your fans get a hold of you?  Do you have blogs, website, or a newsletter?

I love to hear from my readers! I’m always available. I have a website which can be found at and a blog, .

Mandi, thanks for taking the time to tell us more about you.  I'm sure you're going to be a big name one of these days!! Best of luck!!