Saturday, October 11, 2014

What a FUN evening!

Last night, I spent the evening with my best friend, Dawn, and her daughter, Jessica, and Jessica's friend, Karen. Dawn won tickets to "Erin's Night Out"- a lady's only event...even though there were men there, too. lol  (pics on this link are from last year)

Radio DJs Todd & Erin has functions like this all the time and they give away tickets. I'm so happy that my friend won the tickets and asked me to go, because the whole evening was a BLAST! There was so much to do, and so much to see.

The first thing I did when I got there was get a body massage. Ahhh.... I need more of these every week! The woman who gave me a massage told me that having regular massages will help the bulging disc problem in my back. And you know what? I believe it, because I felt soooo much better when she was done, and although I walked for several hours last night, my feet, back, and neck, never hurt once during the evening!

There were many tables there to sign up for free stuff - along with getting free stuff - and even vendors there selling their jewelry, lotions / oils, baked goods, clothes, books, and even make-up! There were classes to attend, too!  My friend and I (and Jessica & Karen) attended the Ghost Hunters' class. WOWZA! How freaky was that, but I totally loved every story Todd Carr (author of "Talking To Yourself in the Dark" ) told us and the amazing recordings he let us hear when he talked to spirits!!

Oh, and let's not forget the adrenaline-rushing moment when I tried out for the title of "Best Grandmother EVER" when I had a very large snake draped around me just to get a picture for my grandkids! I would have gone for the title of "Best Mother EVER, but my friend, Dawn, got that title when she had her pic taken, too. lol

And let's not forget having pics taken with some SEXY Firemen! Okay, I'll admit, that's not the real reason I wanted my pic taken with them. I gave a donation for a good cause (just don't ask me what it was right now because I can't remember) ... heeheee

Once it became dark, we got to watch a spectacular show. The Fire Muse Circus was amazing, and had me holding my breath several times during their performance. Of course, because they danced with fire - and the wind was blowing - also made me nervous. Still, nothing caught on fire, which was good, but our trust firemen were there and ready just in case!

Another highlight of the evening was talking with Todd & Erin of the radio station Rewind 100.7  and getting my picture taken with them!!  I have listened to these crazy, fun-loving people for so long I feel like they are my favorite neighbors! It was good to meet them face-to-face finally!

Here are some pics of the evening. ENJOY!

This was the chocolate fountain table! OH YES!!

Here is Karen with the icky snake. She wasn't freaking out like Dawn and I were.

This bird was in the same location as the snake. Since I have a bird like this in my book "Amazon Sunset" I thought I'd take a picture of it. :)

Another exotic bird

This was the area where the Fire Muse Circus performed. 

This is the beginning. This are just those awesome lights. Dancers were great!

So here is the guy who danced with fire. FREAKY!! 

The rope dancers. Dang, I was scared they would fall!!

Here is the lovely Erin from the Todd & Erin show on Rewind 100.7! She is awesome!

And here is Todd from the radio station. Isn't he sexy?? :)