Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Welcome Sara Fitzgerald!

I've known Sara for years, and I'm so excited about her new Christmas story!

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Ann is two-years-old and was recently diagnosed with autism.  Her parents are desperate to help her.  Ann shows great promise.  However, she needs early intervention at an expensive preschool.  Going to school could give Ann the life her parents always dreamed of for her.  But paying for the school would take a miracle, and this Christmas season, miracles seem to be in short supply.

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Carol eyes flickered up. “I guess it runs in the family.” Bill glared at his wife. “I’m here.” He stared at Kate. Nate gently put his arm around Kate’s shoulders. Things had always been tense between Bill and Kate. Ever since they were kids. Beth said it was like mixing vinegar with oil. Bill loosened his tie. “By the way, Kate, I don’t appreciate all these emails you send me asking for donations to fund research for autism or the ones to contact my representatives to pass the health care bill. Only email me if it is important.” Kate tensed. How dare her brother act so cold and callous about Ann and the thousands of other children with autism? “I’m sorry that my daughter having autism is such a bother to you.” She took her coat and Ann’s off the coat rack. “Nate we should leave.” Beth frantically shook her head. “No, please, stay.” Carol pasted on a bright smile. “Besides, we don’t know if little Ann really does have autism.” Tears burned in Kate’s eyes. She didn’t know which comments were more hurtful, Bill’s or Carol’s. “Actually, Carol, we do know. The top experts at the University confirmed it a few weeks ago. We must have forgotten to tell you.” Nate forced a smile. “Kate, why don’t we take a quick walk? The fresh air will do us good. Ann is with Grandpa.” Kate placed Ann’s coat back. Nate was right. She needed to cool down before she said or did something she could never take back. “Okay.” She quickly put her coat on. Beth smiled. “Take as long as you need, Sweetheart.” Kate hugged her mother. She didn’t know what she’d do without her. She couldn’t have asked for a better mom or dad. Maybe a better brother. Bill obviously didn’t care about Kate or her daughter. He would have never said those hateful, hurtful words otherwise. FIND SARA: Website - Amazon author page -

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sara Fitzgerald has a daughter with autism and was involved in getting the autism health bill passed. Sara was named Writer of the Year by the League of Utah Writers.  She is the author of the Christmas Story, Saving Savanna.

She lives with her husband and daughter in the Rocky Mountains. She enjoys spending time with her family.