Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Romance is in the air - Blog Hop

Once again, I'm participating in this fun blog hop...and just in time for Valentine's Day!  This blog hop will run from Feb. 4th to Feb. 14th!

I will be giving away copies of my ebooks (Adobe PDF)- "Waiting for You" AND "Love Lost in Time".  All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog and tell me about your favorite Valentine's Day. I will pick the winners on Feb. 15th.

When a beautiful woman claiming to be a ghost from 1912 appears in Nick Marshal’s new office and begs for help in solving her murder, he’s intrigued enough to consider her plea. A scandal that rocked Hollywood almost destroyed his law practice, so taking on a client who insists she’s dead seems a good way to refresh his career. The more history he uncovers, the deeper he falls for the ghost. Abigail Carlisle believes Nick is her heart’s true desire, but how can happily ever after happen when she’s already dead?

5-star review - 
I just finished. "Waiting For You" It was the first book I read on my new Kindle HD. What a treat, it was such a great story. I was glad the author took the time to flesh out such an original storyline. The plot had a little bit of everything and was tied together well. I LOVE PARANORMAL stories that incorporate ghosts and time travel. I kept thinking of the movie Somewhere in Time as I was reading.But this book is also a intriguing murder mystery. I had a hard time putting this book down.When I read a good book I always want more.I was happy to find I had already downloaded several titles by this author and will be reading more of her books soon. If you read this review and like the time travel paranormal romance genre, give this one a try.You'll have that satisfied feeling of time well spent. ~~Kimberly Lingren / Amazon

Andrew Merrick was whisked from his home in England, 1848 to another time, the very day a mob had attacked his family. Wondering why he remains in this strange place, all he wants is to find the treasure his father had hidden, hoping this might take Andrew back home. But he’s running out of time. When he meets a lovely woman in this new century, he feels she is the one who will help him.

Halle Chapman has come to England to find her missing father. What she finds instead is a nice man who claims he’s from the past. Although she doesn’t believe in time-travel, deep in her heart, she knows she must help Andrew. What she finds instead is that discovering the key to her future lies in the past. Now, to return to her own time, she needs to solve the mystery surrounding Andrew Merrick and his family’s murder

5-star review - 
A very creative and enjoyable read. Ms. Higgins has made a can't put down until I read the last page work, that will please just about everyone. A believable combination of time-travel in the modern day with the Victorian era, with love as the common denominator. This is definitely a keeper for your library and only loan out if you are sure to get it back. 5 Stars with no hesitation. Well done Ms. Higgins. ~~ Nanakulikane / Amazon

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