Friday, August 6, 2010

My first book signing

Today was magical! I couldn't have dreamed up a better book signing, either. Well...I could, but then I'd be skinny. hahaha  Anyway, I went to South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah, today for the annual book seller's conference. There were tons of booths, and many book sellers and other people who were somehow involved in a store. Since I didn't see my publisher's booth (or the distributing company) right away, I walked up and down the booths trying to find it. Then I saw in big letters "Brigham Distributing" and I knew I was there. Their booth wall looked like a book shelf because of the serveral books being displayed, but then right smack in the middle - all in lights (and no, I'm not kidding!) - was a huge display of my book, Winning Mr. Wrong.

I squealed with excitement and slapped my daughter's shoulder to get her attention and showed her.  Then I saw my book on the little shelf (see off to the right of the big picture) and I squealed some more. I didn't care if I drew attention to myself. I was excited to see my print book. FINALLY!!  As soon as my Editor and the Marketing Director showed up, I took a seat at the little table and started signing - very surprised to see that I had a line of people waiting!!

What excited me even more was when people told me they'd read about my book in a magazine and couldn't wait to get a copy. Then to have one of them want to take their picture with me.... WOW!  What a thrill that was!

My publisher had a box full of my books. I'm not sure if it was 48 or 50, but I sold nearly every one of them!!! Never in my life had I felt like an author and to think this is just the beginning! (grins)

You can't tell I'm excited, can you?

Here is a pic with me and my Editor, Linda.

And this is the wonderful Marketing Director and Cover Artist - Amy.


P.S....your book store can order my book now. (grins)