Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome Cindy Green!

I'm excited to introduce you to my friend, Cindy Green, who is a wonderful Inspirational writer!

Cindy, tell us about yourself.

Hi Marie. Good to be here today. To put it short and sweet, I'm an author, teacher, maid, mother, wife and accountant. I have degrees in history and education and taught middle school up until about six years ago. Now I stay home and homeschool my two boys. I was born in California and now live in North Carolina out in the country about a ½ hour from Raleigh . I've been married for 15 years. I'm published in several genres: Inspirational, historical, contemporary, young adult and suspense. Those are also the genres I like to read. I spend my (non-existent free time) reading, watching period dramas and doing my best to keep this house one step away from becoming a disaster area. To read my more in-depth bio, stop by my website.

Good grief, Cindy, you're a busy woman! I'm surprised you find time to write. What made you start writing?

I feel as though I’ve always been writing. It’s something I did as a preteen and continued into adulthood. I have a folder full of my first attempts at writing. In college, I didn’t do so much fiction writing as I had other things to occupy my mind. When I moved to NC and became a stay at home mom full-time, I started writing again—more as a cathartic thing than anything else. Only after finishing an entire manuscript did I think about publishing when my sisters encouraged me.

Cindy, you're a lot like me in writing before we married then finally start it afterwards. Is there a book that changed your life?

Of course, there is the Bible. It’s the book I live my life by. As a writer there are so many books that I enjoy but I’m not sure I would say they changed my life.

Good answer, Cindy! I have to agree with you there. If you can go back in time, where would you go?

I love the Regency/Georgian period in English history. I’d love to go back and visit—not live permanently as I really like indoor plumbing and modern medicine. I’d love to meet Jane Austen and learn more about writing from her and her uncanny way of observing people.

Cindy, I'm loving how much we're alike!! What is your favorite thing about yourself?

I suppose it’s my perseverance. Once I make a decision I stick with it and see it through. It’s the reason I graduated college. The reason I’m a published author today.

You go, girl! You have so many books out, which is a huge accomplishment, but do you have a favorite? If so, why.

Oh, wow that’s a hard one. I write in several genres and love each of them for different reasons. I guess I’d have to say, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Your Wedding. I mean, what’s not to like with a title like that, right? There’s a story to that all by itself. This book was my first full novel and it was a learning experience both in the writing and the publishing. I’ve grown as a writer since then, but I this story still affects me. I love the characters and I was amazed at how much my characters in this Inspirational novel affected people. I received emails from fans expressing their thanks for writing this book. I also had a few who asked if my hero, Randy, was a real person because they really wanted to meet him.

I have to admit, that title grabbed me and made me want to read the blurb! So then, what inspired you to write STRUCK BY CONSCIENCE?

Stuck by Conscience is my YA story. It’s the first in a three part teen series called the Faery Guardian series. I love reading YA literature. I think it’s a continuation of the kind of books I loved reading as a kid which continued as I taught middle school. Now my husband says I just won’t grow up. The first book I ever wrote (which remains unpublished) was for the young adult. Struck by Conscience came about because I got the idea of writing about a popular girl who doesn’t want to be popular. She sees the superficialness in it all—in her friends, in the life she chose. So much of teen lit portrays the popular kids as the antagonist. I wanted to show another side.

Tell us more about your story.

It’s a coming of age story, very sweet and cute. My main character Charisma is about to graduate from high school. She’s dealing with starting over as a college student. She also is faced by the decision she made in the last few years which alienated her closest friend, Heath, when she chose popularity over him. It’s received some terrific reviews from review sites but also teen readers. I love those! There is a fantasy element integrated in the story in that my main character has a faery guardian. There really isn’t any magic in the books. They feel more like a fairytale. The faery guardian in this story especially represents the adult figure in her life. She wishes she could get away from her and when that exact scenario arises she wonders if she’s ready for it or not. Just like growing up. I’m working on #2 right now, Sold my Soul to a Frog.

That is awesome, Cindy! Tell us about the exciting contest you’re having.

I’m having a contest to promote my sweet Christmas novel, All I Want for Christmas. The contest is going on now and will end on December 21st. I’m awarding prizes three times. One October 30th. One November 30th and the last one December 21st. To enter: view the book trailer for All I Want for Christmas and email me at In the email, list at least one gift that Kathryn received from her Secret Santa. What will you win? A pdf copy of one of my books as well as some Bath & Body Works goodies and a special chocolate treat—specifically the kind of chocolate my heroine in All I Want for Christmas craves each and every day.

Oh, how exciting! I'm going to check out your book trailer now! So where can readers contact you?

They can visit me at my Website or Blog. In addition, I have a Homeschooling Blog and a Teen Fiction Blog. They can also email me at I’m on Myspace Facebook Twitter and Twitter for my YA friends. And I have a Newsletter. The latest edition should be going out soon.

Thanks for having me today, Marie.

You are welcome, Cindy!  It was great getting to know you!!

Friday, October 1, 2010


I want to thank everyone who told me about your hero! It's good to know so many of us look to a father or our husband. I wish I could have given everyone a copy of my book, but I can't. Darn!  But I put all the names in a bowl and my grandson picked a name.

CONNIE BABE is the winner. She won a copy of my paperback - Heart Of A Hero.

Although I don't know who the three winners are from the contest my publisher had on Goodreads for Winning Mr. Wrong... I was told that 1803 people entered my contest. WOWZA!  I'm thrilled!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!