Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We have a WINNER!! (Mid-Winter Blog Hop)

Thanks to all who participated. The winner of my story "Pretending You Are Mine" is...

ELIZABETH / Book Attict.  I'll send you an email with my story.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Blog Winner - for the Mistletoe Madness Hop

GENA ROBERTSON, you are the winner! I will send you an email with the story, "The Sweetest Kiss".

Thanks to eveyone who entered!



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mid-Winter's Eve Blog Hop

I'm doing another blog hop! This really is fun!  Today I'm giving away a PDF format of my story "Pretending You Are Mine". All you have to do is follow my blog and leave a comment with your name and email addy.

Switching roles and the pursuit of freedom come together in the hunt to discover who can be trusted and who is really the traitor during the Colonial times. Mercedes Maxwell’s sister’s last wish was for Mercedes to find evidence against Kat’s husband, William Braxton, and have him hung as a traitor to the crown. Mercedes isn’t na├»ve when it comes to capturing traitors, because her own deceased husband had once been an agent for the King when they lived in England.

When she meets William Braxton for the first time, all is not as it seems. Portraying her twin, Mercedes knows this is the only way to get close enough to William to discover his secrets. What she finds along the way are little surprises she hadn’t counted on, especially when she begins to give her heart to a man who may be a spy against the crown.

Hop to more blogs now so you can enter to win MORE prizes!! -

Monday, December 19, 2011

There really is a Santa Claus!

We took the grandkids to see the Christmas lights tonight. The place is called "Christmas By The Bay". It's at Willard Bay and the park is all decorated with fun lights. Afterward, we visited Santa Claus. My grandson, Xavier, has been a little stinker this year, and so he was going to tell Santa he'd be nice and mind his mommy and then ask Santa to be put back on the "Nice" list. lol  And Gracelyn didn't cry this year when she sat on Santa's lap. She's getting to be a big girl. :) 

But the big surprise came when Santa asked my husband to sit on Santa's lap. Santa even called him by name!! My grandkids were very impressed that Santa remembered Grandpa's name... Either that or they realized maybe Grandpa had been on Santa's naughty list too many times as a child.  hahahaha

Anyway, here are some pictures!

Friday, December 16, 2011

GIVEAWAY for the Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop

Hello everyone! I'm excited to be participating in the Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop. What is a blog hop? Well, each participating blog hosts a giveaway and then we link up together to allow our followers to hop from one giveaway to the next.

Join us and enter to win over 50 giveaways hosted by our participants -
Plus, visit the link from Dec 16th to the 23rd for the chance to win the Grand Prize -> a Nook Color pre-loaded with books from our sponsor authors and many more.
(a form to enter will go live here on this page on Dec 16th and a winner will be chosen at random after the contest closes on Dec 23rd)

For my giveaway, I'll be giving one lucky winner a PDF copy of my Regency Romance, The Sweetest Kiss. All you have to do is follow my blog and leave a comment with your name and email addy, and I'll pick a winner. It's that simple!! 

Lord Trey Worthington isn’t about to give his heart to a woman. He does not want a marriage like his parents. But when his mother brings in a childhood acquaintance into the home to sponsor into society, Trey has to get Miss Faraday trained properly. The more he gets to know Judith, the more he yearns for something he doesn’t dare reach for. Judith is after a faithful husband—something Trey has been convinced most of his life he’ll never become.

Judith Faraday is only after one thing—to marry her Naval Officer and enjoy a life full of love. She’s doubtful her dream will ever come true while living as the ward to the dowager duchess. However, the longer Judith is with the dowager’s son, Trey, an attraction blossoms. Judith now wonders if God has different plans for her life, because Trey doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage . . . the very thing Judith cannot do without.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gracelyn's 3rd Birthday

It's so hard to believe my granddaughter is 3 years old already! It seems like yesterday I was at the hospital with my daughter while she was having hard labor--so much that the epidurals were not working. I'd never seen anyone in that much pain. Then Gracelyn came out...and she was such a beautiful baby. I cried. Okay, I'll confess, I cried when all three of my grandchildren were born because I was lucky enough to have watched the birth with all three!

So my little Princess wanted a Princess-themed party. I was able to get her cake and balloons, but the present we got her was a fairy toy - which Gracelyn also loves. She always talks about "Tink-bell". :) are the pictures I took of her party.

Gracelyn and Grandpa

The grandkids with grandpa

My adorable grandkids!

Her mommy gave her the Princess doll from "The Frog Prince" movie

Her mommy got her a tea-cup service

Grandma & Grandpa gave her a trunk with fairy costumes

Here's our little Tink-bell fairy!

Cute Princess cake, don't you think?

Yeah, that's me in the green shirt having a little tea-party with my Princess Fairy

Our Princess / Fairy Birthday Girl!