Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wonderland By Night

I want to show you all my gorgeous new cover! This book isn't out yet - but hopefully I'll be able to finish it within the next few weeks. This is book #3 of my Colonial series.

Not even disguises can deceive the heart.

In a world where freedom is questioned and everything in in turmoil, Lady Sarah Emiline Townshend needs to hide her identity for fear mobs will kill her and her family after her uncle—a political leader—passed laws that the good citizens in Boston did not approve of.  Her father sends her to stay with some longtime friends of his in New Hampshire. Before she arrives, she decides to switch places with her maid. Now her name is Emi, not Lady Sarah. This way she won’t have to look over her shoulder constantly, and she’ll be free of the restricting title of “Duke’s daughter”. But when she meets a handsome man, she suddenly wants him to look at her as a woman—not a servant. But protecting her life is more important.

Gabriel Lawrence’s pirate ship is almost captured. This time was too close. He and his crew needs to hide for a few months in hopes of the Royal Navy forgetting about them. During his stay at his aunt and uncle’s in New Hampshire, he meets the niece of one of his enemies—Charles Townshend. Because she doesn’t know who Gabe is, he will become close to her to see if she knows any more of her uncle’s secrets. But the beauty of her maid, Emi, captures his attention, and her quirky personality keeps him wanting more. But her over-zealous nature for adventure places both of them in danger and he is forced to play the honorable rogue.

How can he protect them both when an unknown spy is always one step ahead…and wants Gabe dead?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Peach Days - Let's go CRAZY!

What a BUSY Friday & Saturday I had...but it was fun, nonetheless.  This weekend was Peach Days. There is a huge parade and carnival.  It's fun for young and old.  On Friday evening, is the Kiddies Parade. (no, it's not a parade of cats!)  This is for the Elementary school kids to ride in a float or walk in the parade.  My grandson, Xavier, rode with kids from his school and had fun.

Then on Saturday morning, the BIG parade begins.  (The 3rd largest in Utah, I'm told!)  This is the first time I've been IN the parade instead of sitting on the side lines watching.  The place where I work - Dept. of Workforce Services - was in the parade handing out flyers about how to help people find jobs.  I was lucky and got to DRIVE the state vehicle.  The thing that made this fun for me was that I was jamming out to 80's music all the way! heehee  Especiall when Prince came on and sang "Let's Go Crazy"...  

After the parade I met with other local authors and had a book signing.  It was great to meet new people.

At the end of the day... I could hardly walk and I was so exhausted. But...I had fun. That's what counts, right?