Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's that time again!!

By now, you probably have heard me say how fun it is to get a new book covers. So...this time I won't say it.  I'll just jump up and down, squeal, and clap my hands. (can you hear me - or at least feel the ground shake?)

I don't really know when this book will be out, mainly because I'm finishing up one story, and I still have two more to finish before I even get to this one, so keep in mind, the blurb might change before this story is finished.

Worth Fighting For by Marie Higgins, a clean historical romance

Phoebe Alphius, daughter of the governor of Turkey, was told at a tender age that she was the goddess Artemis, reincarnated. Just because she has the silver-blonde hair of the goddess, and she has the bold personality, hunts and fights better than any of her brothers, doesn’t mean she is Artemis. All of her life people have treated her differently, and she’s tired of it. She wants a normal life. She wants to find love. But just as Artemis, she’s going to die without ever knowing a man. There’s only once choice to make…she must leave Turkey and pretend she’s someone else. Now all she has to do is find a way out.

Captain Barry Winston just received word that his father is dying—which means Barry will become Duke of Lockhart. His trip to Turkey will be his last and he will give up the trading business for good. Sailing back to England, he realizes he has a stowaway. Her beauty is breathtaking, and she makes him laugh more than anyone has ever done before. Yet she is just a servant, so he cannot possibly fall in love with her and take her as his wife to become a duchess. His heart has different plans because forgetting about her would be impossible.
When her identity is revealed, will Barry be able to keep her from being taken away? Is their love worth fighting for?

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