Friday, August 4, 2017

LIGHTS...CAMERA...ACTION!! On the set of the movie, "Not Cinderella's Type" - pt 5

I want to thank everyone who has been following my blogs and reading about my experience on the movie set of "Not Cinderella's Type."

In today's segment, I'm going to show you more pictures and tell you about some of the other people I met.

Jenni James (author of the book) introduced me to a very interesting man. His name is Warren Workman. He is AMAZING! He is over Utah Film Awards. How cool is that? He was able to tell me about what producers are looking for, which of course, got me excited to learn how to write my own script. AND...we discovered we have something in common. We love watching movies, and we quote lines from our favorite movies all the time. Okay, Warren...what movie did these lines come from -
The pointy end goes into the other man…  So, what’s lesson number three?  To get to lesson number four…  He was very vigorous, Father.

Here is Warren's bio from

Born in Oakland, California Warren Workman was raised up and down the east and west coast as his father was in the Navy. He made his 1st television appearance when he was 12 on Adak, Alaska by winning the school song writing competition.

In 2009 Workman competed in a reality show on the Oxygen Channel. After leaving the show Warren returned to Utah To begin making films, web series, and television shows.

In 2011, Workman created "Filmed in Utah", a weekly television show covering productions filmed within the state. Filmed in Utah has been syndicated on eight television stations and is also available online. The show led to Workman being offered a teaching position at Salt lake Community College.

Workman has over 250 televised interview with guest such as Sean Astin, Kevin Sorbo, Doug Jones, and Danny Trejo, has received several awards for his Filmed in Utah production, and taught producing at SLCC.

In 2012 Film in Utah got picked up nationally and was re-branded "Film Buzz" and regularly covers film festivals and new film premieres.

Workman is the executive producer of many shows including "Gods Among Men", "Afterlife", and "Ultra Championship Wrestling". Workman also manages the Utah Film Awards every spring, the Park City International Film Festival in the summer, and the Utah Music Awards in the fall.

I also met the man in charge of wardrobe - RuBen Permel. Unfortunately, we were never able to connect for me to interview him.
RuBen and the wardrobe needed for the scenes they shot that day.

Isn't she adorable in that dress? Do kids really wear dresses like that to school? lol

Here are some pics of the actors getting their hair done, or their make-up on. Jenni James told me that this particular crew member has to know exactly how she did the actors make-up and fixed their hair in each scene, just in case they have to reshoot later on. All I can say is...dang - that's a lot to remember!!

Here are more pictures that my daughter, Chrystal, took while we were walking around Orem High School in Utah.

Out front of Orem High School during a scene.

We are standing on the second level looking down at the main hall.

This was where the main actors hung out.

These are extras getting ready for their scene.

Here are the extras again, waiting for the same scene.

Close up of the main actors hanging out.

The lady in the skirt plays the principal in the movie.

And now...the AWESOME author, Jenni James, and her husband, Jason!
Thank you cast and crew of  'NOT CINDERELLA'S TYPE". It was so much fun to be there with you and talk to you. I hope we meet up again some day...or maybe you can play parts in MY movies.


Tori said...

This is so fun to see the behind the scene takes and info. Thx for sharing!

JaNae Winsor said...

I knew as I was watching that it was filmed in utah! I went to Mountain View, so I recognized Orem high.