Monday, August 7, 2017

LIGHTS...CAMERA...ACTION!!! On the movie set of "Not Cinderella's Type:

This post is a special addition. Since I posted the last part of my experience on the set of "Not Cinderella's Type", I've received information from one of the crew members, RuBen Permel, that I interviewed online.  I knew this was great information that I had to share!

ME:  Tell us how you got started in film, and what was your duties on the set of "Not Cinderella's Type".

I have been designing costumes for stage for more than 25 years. I was a stage performer for many years on the road and kind of fell into costumes. I was always artistic and able to pick skill very quickly. I learn to sew while working as a professional puppeteer right out of high school. Who knew those talent who lead to a career in Costumes and Wardrobe. For the past 13 years I have been working for Cirque du Soleil as a Wardrobe Supervisor for 4 of their internationally acclaimed show. ALegria, KA, Viva Elvis and Zarkana. I also designed the first One Night for One Drop for them at the Bellagio in 2013.

I have always been interested in Film and Television. It was different from stage and I enjoyed trying new projects. I have worked on Film and television project with Cirque and then start working on them independently. If fact I Directed and produced a short film, Whisper Goliath in 2016 which has been shown at 4 film festivals. Not Cinderella's Type (NCT) is the 3 film I design costume for this year And I will start IN Emma's Footsteps next week. I like to focus my design on the Character of a story. What they wear has to make sense in their role And how it can't support or tell the story.

On NCT, the Lead role of Indy wasn't made to feel a part of the family. She only got hand me down and wore plain clothing. I use color to enhance her design and look instead of detail. The role of Clarise who represents the Wicked Step Mother Theme is complete opposite for her and the Family. They wore very bold patterns and color. Well put together and always accessorized. I enjoyed costuming Aunt Clarise the most as her role and Character was most theatrical. I felt her look had to be strong and very detailed from Hair, Nails, makeup, jewelry, shoes and even how she wore certain garments. Again the script gives you starting point and once I met the Actors the look develops more.

A big part of my Job is to coordinate the costumes with the light, Sets and mood the director is trying to create. You must be flexible and open top change when necessary. In an scene we shot during NCT, the top I picked for Indy was the same color as the sheets, so I has to quickly find a complimentary alternative. I try to always be aware in advance but sometimes you can't see everything prior to the scene being shot.

We also shot out of order so continuity is so important. Some of the roles had to wear the same costumes for 4-5 difference days. It was my job to ensure that they wore the correct clothing in the same way. 

NCT was a wonderful film to work on and I hope in some small way my Artistic touches enhance the viewer enjoyment of the movie.

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