Wednesday, July 26, 2017

LIGHTS....CAMERA...ACTION! On the set of a movie - part 2

Today I'm going to tell you about four AWESOME actors I met on the set of "Not Cinderella's Type". These four play the main characters in the movie. I couldn't help but love them all. They are so adorable!

Indy - Paris Warner
Bryant - Timothy Flynn
Maxton - Tanner Gillman
Jayda - Mary Neville

Indy (Paris Warner - girl with long brown hair)

Paris has been in other films before. Once I was a Beehive, The Christmas Dragon, and Mythica: The Iron Crown.  She was such a sweetheart--very kind to everyone.

ME: Paris, what pulled you toward and acting career?

Paris: When I was young, and I was in trouble for something - like most kids are - I would go in the basement and watch movies. I LOVED "Death Becomes Her", and I adored Meryl Streep. I watched that movie so much, I had it memorized. I used to act out the scenes that Meryl Streep was in...until I realized she had more movies for me to watch. It was at that time when I realized I wanted to become an actress. Meryl Streep inspired me in several ways. It is my dream to become a younger version of her.

Bryant (Timothy Flynn) 

I loved talking to Timothy. He loved to tell me about his life. He made me laugh several times, and he's such a charmer! People can't help but grin whenever he walks by.

ME: What pulled you toward an acting career?

Timothy: When I was a baby, I was a model for ZCMI. Once the fame wore off, and as I attended school and I was a sports fanatic, and then when I started college, I realized how much I loved acting. I didn't have any interest in school, because I wanted to make something of myself. I have auditioned for parts every time I get the chance. I believes one day I'll get my big break.

Jayda (Mary Neville - the auburn/brunette)

This was one girl who couldn't stop smiling. Mary was so very sweet when I chatted with her, and she is very friendly and outgoing. You just gotta love her personality!

ME: Mary, how do you prepare for a scene?

Mary: Just as most actors, I read through the script several times. I start memorizing my lines right away. Once that is done, I study my character so that I can step into the role and be ready when it's time to shoot a scene.

Maxton (Tanner Gillman)

Maxton's character is Indy's best friend. And believe me, he would be a great best friend in real life. He was so much fun to chat with, and I love how animated he is when he talks. Of course, he's funny, and he loves to make people laugh. He talked a lot about the differences between the theater and being in a movie. I wish I could have seen him on the stage. He would have been great!

ME: Tanner, what pulled you toward an acting career?

Tanner:  I started out in theater, actually. In school, I loved to be in plays. One thing led to another, and soon I was auditioning for movie roles.

Here are more pictures of some of the cast and the extras on the movie set.


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