Friday, July 28, 2017

LIGHTS...CAMERA...ACTION - On the movie set of "Not Cinderella's Type", pt 3

Welcome back, everyone, and thanks to all of you who have shared my posts and commented.

Today, I'll talk about my interview with Utah's famous, Scott Christopher.

BIO (from IMDB.COM):

Scott Christopher was born in Michigan, then moved to Utah at age 11. Along with three siblings Scott was raised by a divorced mother. He began acting at age 4 and went on to win the Irene Ryan National Acting Scholarship while attending Brigham Young University. Long-time radio and television veteran. Stand-up comic and show host. Acclaimed keynote speaker and author "The Levity Effect" and "People People." "Coach Austin" on the WB's Everwood. "Frank Quincy" on Granite Flats (Netflix/BYUTV) Splits time between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. Married with five sons.

Some of the movies I've loved him in are:

Single's Ward

Everwood (TV series)

The Best Two Years 

Mobsters and Mormons

Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration

Granite Flats (TV Series)

When I first arrived on the set of NOT CINDERELLA'S TYPE, he was the one I looked for right away. When I didn't see him, I felt let down that I wasn't going to meet an actor whose films I'd enjoyed over the years.

And I was chatting with Jenni James (author), Scott walked in with his son. I started jumping in my chair. My daughter, Chrystal (who took the pictures), had to remind me that I was a professional interviewer...NOT a fangirl. Believe me, it was hard.

Jenni, and her husband, Jason, greeted Scott, and told him that I wanted to interview him. He politely explained that he needed to get ready for the scene first. Of course, I wasn't going to fall to the floor, wrap my arms around his legs, and beg him to stay. I WAS A PROFESSIONAL - not a fangirl! So I let him leave.

When I saw him again, he was having his make-up put on. That was fun to watch, too!


I saw him at lunchtime, and he was eating a pizza while some of the extras on the movie set went up to him to get his autograph and have their pictures taken with them. I decided that although I was anxious to talk to him, I wouldn't bother him during lunch. (sorry, no pics for this one!)

AT LONG LAST... I was able to take a few minutes out of his schedule to ask him a few questions. Once again, I reminded myself that I was NOT a fangirl...but a professional interviewer. lol  As we started talking, I realized something. He's as sweet as can be! He was very polite and didn't act as though he walked on clouds (which, of course, was where I'd put him in the first place). He was a regular guy, and he was great.

We talked about our glasses (yeah, funny way to start out talking, right?). But I asked him how he prepares for a scene. He told me that he doesn't stress over it and he uses common sense. He reads his lines, and goes with the flow. Sometimes he doesn't say his lines word-for-word that's on the script, but he just lets the words come out naturally.

I asked him out of all the movies he played in, which were his favorites? His answer (two of my favorites) - The Best Two Years and Mormons and Mobsters.

We discussed how the movie gets put together, and he told me about how the music is added in. This is called "Score" - Movie Score / Film Score. I definitely learned something new!

He plays the part of a father in NOT CINDERELLA'S TYPE, and I'm sure I'm going to love him in this movie, to.

And of course...the fangirl in me was able to get my picture taken with him, too!!! Don't ask me why I didn't get his autograph...

I think I'm going to frame this picture. What do you think??


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