Saturday, October 19, 2013


I've decided to write 'outside of the box'. I'm used to writing romance with adventure, mystery/suspense, and humor. I'm used to writing on-the-edge stories that keep the readers turning the pages. I'm used to writing historical, contemporary, romantic comedy, paranormal, and time-travel. But...I've never written a story for teenagers before. However, the story will have adventure, humor, and suspense...and maybe some mystery. And, there is a chance of a love story. And why not? There was a love story (of sorts) in Harry Potter's series, right? So I'm jumping in with both feet and writing this book. I hope I don't sprain an ankle or something.

My cover artist, Sheri McGathy has put together another AWESOME book cover for me. This is just PERFECT for my story. With any luck, I'll have this story written by Christmas.


Salem, Massachusetts

Fascinated by the boarded up house on the hill, three teenagers, Jace, Brooke, and Rick are drawn to the ancient rumors surrounding the abandoned place.  According to local legend, teenagers have been disappearing from the house for centuries.  Determined to solve the mystery, the friends uncover a book that may hold the key to the mystery. 
However, after opening the old book to search for clues, something phenomenal happens… the pages literally suck them in.  They now find themselves in a literary fantasy world with no way out.

Will they find their way home or will they be forever trapped in the pages of the book battling strange creatures?


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Jessie Clark said...

I'll read it! I'm glad you're having fun trying something new. The cover is beautiful, and the plot sounds intriguing.