Saturday, February 16, 2013

Introducing... New Cover!

Once again, my cover artist, Sheri McGathy has gone far and beyond what I had imagined. She has created a masterpiece with my time-travel, "Love Lost in Time". Now I just need to finish writing the story!! lol  And YES, this WILL be in print!!

In the midst of a brutal attack on his home in 1848, Andrew Merrick finds himself plunged into the future. While the manor he finds himself in is indeed his family's ancestral home, all has changed, and this future generation believes he wickedly murdered his own family. Desperate to return to his true time and set right all that has gone awry, Andrew hopes the treasure his father hid will prove the key in returning to his rightful place. But he’s running out of time. When he meets a lovely woman in this strange time, he feels she is the one who will help him.

Halle Chapman has come to England to find her missing father. What she finds instead is a nice man who claims to be from the past. Although she doesn’t believe in time-travel, deep in her heart, she knows she must help Andrew. Halle quickly learns that the key to her future lies in the past and in a strange twist of events, Halle is thrust into the past! Now, to return to her own time she must solve the mystery surrounding Andrew Merrick and his family’s murder.

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