Thursday, June 7, 2012


My grandson is in T-ball this year and tonight was his first game. His team had only one practice, so it was quite comical to watch those kids trying to figure out what to do after they hit the ball. lol

The first time Xavier hit the ball (it took him three times to hit the ball without knocking down the "T" on which it sat) he ran to first base. Okay - coach helped him to run to first base since he didn't know - but then none of the other kids knew what they were doing, either. Anyway, the next kid gets up and hits the ball - which comes toward Xavier. So he ran after the ball instead of running to second base. Yeah...times like this I wish we had brought our video-recorder. Sheesh! lol  Needless to say, the whole game was full of kids doing funny things.

My favorite time was when a kid hit the ball and on his way to first base, picks up the ball he just hit and runs to first base with it. Ain't NOBODY gonna touch him with the ball and get him out now! hahahaha

Here are some pictures of my grandson...

I am READY to play!!

Okay, so I'm bored already...

We have no idea why they put us out here - the ball doesn't come this far...

Darn "T" keeps falling over. Why can't someone just throw the ball to me??

YEAH! I'm going to first base! what do you want me to do?

So...howz the family? Having a fun summer?

A girl...Yikes. Should I talk to her??

Can someone just cement the dang "T" to the ground so it doesn't fall over?

Run HOME?? Why is everyone telling me that? I want to stay here and play!

Oh, I'm done now?

Never put friends together...they don't pay attention to the game.

'Nuff said...

Woo-Hoo! It's our turn to bat now!

Awesome! I got to run to third!


Vicki said...

Now that WOULD be fun! It never occurred to me that kids would be playing a game they hadn't really learned how to play yet! Fun blog!

Ann Wixom said...

I remember those days with soccer. We still call it magnet ball, because wherever that ball went the kids would chase it. No matter if they were supposed to be forward, defender or goalie.

stanalei said...

Fun days ahead. My grandson just wrapped up his baseball season. Graduated from t-ball last year to machine pitch this year. I got to be both a proud grandma and moma... my son was his coach.
Enjoy the season, Marie. It goes by sooooo fast.

Judy Baker said...

Marie, how fun, can't wait for my little Oliver to start t-ball. thanks for sharing.