Sunday, June 3, 2012

Anxious for book #2

Never have I been more anxious for a book than I am for "Reaching Heaven" - book #2 of my Grayson Brothers Series (Christian Historical Romance). Book #1 - A Walk In Heaven. Sheri McGathy - the wonderful lady who does my covers - made this one for me. Now I REALLY need to get this baby written and published!!  Awesome cover, right?

Secrets were meant to be hidden.
As a young girl, Adella Lancaster witnessed the brutal murder of her mother and brother after their father’s part in another man’s death. She and her two younger sisters just barely escaped and was able to start a new life in a new town, with new identities. Seven years later, a man rides in from the town where her family was killed. Although she doesn’t like Peter Grayson, she wants to know what really happened to her family. Her nightmares won’t go away until then. In order to do this, she must convince Peter to return her to her hometown—without telling him why.
For seven long years, Peter has prayed for answers about the man responsible for killing his uncle, and while looking for land to upstart his own cattle ranch, he unexpectedly stumbles across a young woman who just might be in possession of the answers he’s been searching for. Soon he can’t stop thinking about the pretty woman harboring a secret he’s certain has something to do about his uncle’s killer, but will his quest for truth sever the Lord’s true plan for him—a life of true love…and forgiveness?


Wanda Luce said...

I love it Marie!

Marie Higgins said...

Thanks, Wanda!!

L.L. Muir said...

Lovely cover.
I'm so happy this book will not be a chore for you.
My next one will not be much of a chore either. Maybe it is because both books are book #2's!

Jannine said...

Nice cover, Marie. And your story is intriguing. I like the idea that both h/h believe the other holds a secret to that fateful day.

Best of luck!

S. L. Rowland said...

Great cover and website.

Melissa Blue said...

Love this!

Mary Martinez said...

Okay apparently my post from my ipad yesterday didn't go through. I love the cover Marie, I think it's one of your best! Good luck!

stanalei said...

Beautiful cover, Marie... not get those words penned. ;)