Monday, January 23, 2012

WINNER - of the First Kiss

I want to thank everyone who posted their First Kiss on my blog. They were great!! It was hard to pick, so I closed my eyes and pointed to one... And the winner is...

LARA!!! Here is her first kiss experience -

we were at a friends house in the basement trying to figure out a show to watch when our friends ran upstairs to make popcorn leaving us alone. We talked for a bit when he got a phone call. He ran upstairs to take it, but returned just a minute later. He came into the room, smiled at me, put one hand on my cheek, lifted my chin and kissed me gently. Then his lips parted, my heart pounded and I tasted the sweetness of watermelon. That beautiful boy! I don't know if he planned it or not, but he ate the most wonderful watermelon before coming down the stairs and to me it was the syrup of the gods! There was no slurping or slopping, just soft and gentle kisses standing in the basement. Our friends came running down the stairs and rather that jumping away embarrassed he put his arm around my shoulders, gave me a squeeze and we spent the rest of the night doing who knows what! I don't remember the rest because I could think of nothing else!


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Anonymous said...


I am so excited! Thank you so much! I had posted that on a blog I used to be good about writing and when I saw your challenge I thought I would give it a try!