Monday, January 2, 2012


YEAH! "Secrets After Dark" is now available!!  I'm doing the Snoopy Dance and I hope you'll join me! Bookstores can now order my book...and some have already ordered. So just check with the clerk at the store to see if it's there or when it will be there.

For those who are Kindle / Nook readers, my story isn't available electronically yet, but it will be VERY SOON!

Hannah clasped her hands to the material around her neck, bringing the garment closer together to ward off the coldness seeping in through her skin. With every step, she searched through the fog and strained to hear what was going on around her. Close by, bushes rustled and twigs snapped.
She glanced at the trees, wondering if she should climb one to get out of the path of the wild animal. Hannah gulped. Another twig snapped, and the growl of an animal rumbled through the air. She froze in fear, afraid to even breathe.
Through the fog, yellow eyes floated toward her, and within seconds the outline of the wolf appeared. He bared his teeth as he stared at her, stalking closer.
Hannah whimpered. “Please, don’t.”
The animal stopped and tilted his head, no longer threatening her with his nasty snarl. His eyes blinked. Against her ribs her heartbeat thundered, shaking her body even worse. Would he pounce on her and kill her immediately?
This was definitely the calm before the storm.
Even through her fear, she realized she’d never seen a more beautiful animal. Pure white fur covered the animal, and perfect ears stood straight on top his head. The long, bushy tail did not move at the animal stared at her.
Several minutes passed. She dared not move for fear of provoking the animal further. If the rapid speed of her heart didn’t kill her, the wolf certainly would. Silently, she prayed Morgan would save her as he did the last time. But as each minute passed, her hopes sank lower.
Finally the white wolf moved, taking a step closer to her. Clutching her shaking hands against her chest, Hannah squeezed her eyes closed and whimpered. The heat of his breath fanned her cold hands. She waited for his sharp teeth to sink into her skin, but instead she felt soft fur rubbing gently against her hand.
She peeked at the wolf, keeping as still as she could. He looked up at her, his large, yellow eyes staring wondrously into her eyes for a moment. Then he whined and nudged her with his nose before rubbing his head on her hand again.
The beast seemed friendly, but how could that be? Hadn’t he already killed women, including Sarah, the Thorntons’ servant?
The wolf sat in front of her and lifted his paw. Letting out a whine, he rested his paw on Hannah’s leg. Her heart leapt in terror. She had heard once that some animals play with their victims before they kill them, and perhaps this was the case now.
Keeping his eyes on her, the wolf touched her again. He let out a soft whine and tilted his head at her.
Hannah licked her lips. “Wh–what do you want?” she whispered.
The wolf rose to all fours and stepped in front of her as if he was leaving. He took a couple of steps then turned and looked back at her. He whined once more before turning and taking a few more steps, then stopping again to peer back at her, his eyes glowing.
Perhaps all the rumors of the white wolf had been false. Obviously, the animal wasn’t trying to hurt her, but help her. Hannah clasped her cold, shaky hands and walked toward him on quaky limbs. She kept a few steps behind him as he led her through the trees. Every so often, he turned and looked at her as if to make certain she followed.
Soon, the lights from the manor shone through the night like a beacon in the fog. Tears gathered in her eyes. At last she was safe!
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