Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm really sorry to see 2010 go. I've had an extremely good year. In May I received my first contract for my Christian stories, then in August my first book was released, Winning Mr. Wrong, and in September my second book released, Heart Of A Hero. Earlier this month, I met with my publisher and they are impressed with my sales and my writing and they want more from me. So, as for now, they are going to publish three of my books in 2011. A release in Feburary, Hearts Through Time (my ghost story), and a release in June, and one in August. Then a few weeks ago a couple of agents shown interest in my writing...  Last but not least, I have gotten the Costco book signing schedule for January.

So, although 2010 was a very good year, I know 2011 will be even better!

Here is my schedule for Costco book signings...

January 7th - Costco in Orem, Utah from 1-6
January 8th - Costco in Ogden, Utah from 1-6
January 14th - Ogden from 1-6
January 21st - Bountiful, Utah from 1-6
January 22nd - Ogden from 1-6
January 28th - Ogden from 1-6
January 29th - Bountiful from 1-6

I'm looking forward to a fun-filled year!!


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Connie Babe said...

I'm so happy for's to an awesome 2011!!!