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Andie Low

A fun witch cozy mystery with a dash of romance, and the ninth and final in the Marina Witches Mysteries.

House of Hoodoo

Homework, detention, and even her wedding are on hold. First Frankie Bonny has to find the man who murdered her mom, oh and say yes to a dress.

Luckily, she’s got some serious magical muscle backing her up on this quest, and even a vampire, or two!

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Clodagh Murphy

A funny, feel-good romcom about old friends and new beginnings.

The Reboot

Former school friends Ella and Roly have suffered some major setbacks since they last met. Now they’re both ready to start over, and they rekindle their friendship as they each try to get back what they lost. But Ella’s never told Roly what really happened the night his life fell apart ... 

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Stella Bixby

Light-hearted humorous mysteries set in the Colorado Rockies. 


The last thing Rylie needs is a dead body ruining her big day. Or a jealous ex. Or a massive snowstorm.

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Marika Ray

A sweet RomCom about second chance love and the power of well-placed mistletoe.

Text Before Christmas

Pamela Cunningham is really getting into the holiday spirit, and she’s finding herself thinking about things she hasn’t considered since her husband died. All thanks to the debonair winemaker she hired from France. Will the text he receives sending him back home to France spoil their holiday together?

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Heather Huffman

Cozy Mysteries set in St. Augustine, Florida!

Trouble in the Treasure

When a treasure map is discovered among her uncle’s things, Nora Jones learns the hard way about the old adage treasure is trouble. Trouble in the Treasure is the second installment in the lighthearted Nora Jones Mysteries series, full of endearing characters, intriguing mysteries, and a dash of romance.

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Kirsty McManus

A sweet resort rom-com set near the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

Love at Coco Bay

With a recent promotion from receptionist to co-assistant manager—not to mention the ongoing opportunity to live and work with her best friends—everything is perfect for Sasha. Well, except for one tiny thing. Sasha has never had much luck in the boyfriend department, and the only guy she’s ever been interested in is event planner Dash, a Channing Tatum lookalike who is oblivious to her affections. But when a resort guest insists that Sasha work with Dash on an upcoming wedding, they are suddenly thrust into a three-month-long high-pressure environment.

Can Sasha survive the chaos, make the wedding a success, and end up with her dream guy?

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Margaret Amatt

A heart-warming and sparkly Christmas romance.

A Christmas Bluff

She’s about to trespass all over his Christmas.

Happy-go-lucky Georgia has a festive problem and to solve it, she’s going to hijack a castle on a Scottish island from grumpy landowner, Archie.

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Marie Higgins

A Historical Romance Cozy Mystery!

Diamonds and Dust

Pinkerton agent, Dusty Sloan, isn’t just another cowboy who enjoys charming the ladies. He is dedicated to his job, especially when stolen diamonds and a stubborn woman are involved. Can he protect her and find the mystery of the stolen gems, or will his heart get involved?

It's the journey that makes the romance interesting... Expect the unexpected!

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Phillipa Nefri Clark

Cozy mystery series set in Australia.

The Shadow of Daph

Daphne Jones loves nothing more than travelling with her husband, John, in Bluebell, their cute restored caravan. Instead of retiring, she started a new career as a celebrant, officiating at weddings, funerals, and all manner of ceremonies. And even a spot of sleuthing...

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Jess Mastorakos

Fans of modern-day royal romances will love this fish out of water adventure!

A Princess for the Marine

Zara is a runaway princess, desperate to make her dreams come true. When she begs Huck to lend a hand, he can’t help but oblige. But Zara is looking for something he can’t provide, and Huck hates that he's falling for her after what happened the last time he gave his heart away. Can this princess and her protector figure it out before she rides off into the sunset alone?

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Whitney Dineen

A laugh out loud royal romcom full of heart!

You’re So Vain

Family drama is something Lutéce Choate struggles to avoid. With a mother who's an award-winning country western song writer, an aunt who's a Country Music Hall of Famer, and a brother who's a rock star, it hasn't exactly been a low-key kind of life, and she's ready for a break.

Then Lu's younger sister, Claire, goes off and gets engaged to a prince from Malquar, bringing the dreaded spotlight back to shine on their family once again. Lu wants to go to the engagement party about as much as she wants to yodel the Star Spangled Banner at the Grand Ole Opry with her crazy relatives. Alas, not going, doesn't appear to be an option.

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Whitney Dineen

A billionaire romance with a Hallmark happy ending!

Mistle Text:

‘Twas the Text Before Christmas…

Holly Snow not only needs a job, she needs a miracle. So when her best friend Toni finds her a personal shopper gig for her billionaire boss, Holly jumps at the opportunity. But then Archibald Harrington offers her a much better paying job as his pretend girlfriend over the Christmas holidays, and that's when things get sticky...

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