Saturday, July 14, 2018

Christmas in July - in Brigham City, Utah!

Gotta love it when a movie gets made in your own little town, right? Well, since I've lived in Brigham City, Utah (31 years now), two movies have been made here. The first one was years ago, but just this past week, a production company has settled itself in our old little town down Main Street and in front of the old courthouse. Another exciting thing about this movie is that my oldest daughter, Chrystal, will be an extra in the film!

But... this production company is filming a Christmas story. You know what that means? People in the movie will have to wear coats, scarves, gloves, hats, mittens... and yes, even snow boots! Not that it's high 90's here in little ole Brigham City, Utah. lol  I'm wondering how they are going to look cold when sweat drips down their faces...

My daughter and I walked around the decorated street, and we found some adorable props. Like I said... Gotta love it when a movie is made in my own little town!

For more information about this movie, click here!


Mary said...

That's awesome! Keep us posted.

Marie Higgins said...

I will, Mary!

j-mescott said...

Do you know when the movie will played on hallmark??