Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Exciting review!!

I found an awesome review that I just had to blog about!!

My first YA Fantasy book, The Witch Hunt (book 1 of the fairy tale series, Where Dreams Come True) was reviewed by InD'tale! magazine! Not only did the reviewer give it a 4.5 star review, but they gave it a "Crowned Heart" for excellence, which means it's one of their TOP PICKS!

The Witch Hunt (Where Dreams Come True#1) Marie Higgins, Dusti Miller FANTASY:

The story’s prologue occurs in 1720 Salem, Massachusetts, with a cursed book snatching two teenage brothers from their world into a fantasy forest. The first chapter picks up in current day Salem, with football-jock-cheerleader chasing Rick Stevenson taking on a hundred-dollar dare from fellow jocks to break into the local “haunted” King family house. His nosey (and polar opposite) twin sister, Brooke, follows him inside, hoping to talk him out of it. Eric King, their strange, reclusive neighbor discovers them but not before Brooke takes the troublemaking book. Eric is the King family’s “Keeper” of the book, but is no match for Brooke’s curiosity. Eventually, all three teens are sucked into a land of macabre fairytales gone wrong.

This story is sure to tickle the fantasy of YA readers, keeping them glued to the pages until the very end! Although television series like “Once Upon a Time” have cheated stories like these of their uniqueness, this one is still quite an entertaining read, with plenty of conflict for young minds to ponder. What’s more, the story is bursting at the seams with uplifting morals and lessons in the form of facing fears, respecting opinions of others, and most notably, not judging a book —or individuals—by outward appearances.

Ms. Higgins and Ms. Miller have scored a winner with this fantasy geared toward younger readers from pre-teens to fourteen or so, as well as more mature readers who are young at heart! Lori Leger

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