Sunday, July 5, 2015


Well, here in Utah, the weather has been suffocating, and I think it's ruined my brain. I've lowered several of my Kindle full-length novels to 99 cents. Yes, you've heard correctly, I've gone MAD and lowered the prices of my books.

So if you haven't been able to purchase any of my stories yet, now is the time!  Here are the ones on sale - take your pick...or get them all. I won't mind.

Click on the cover and you'll be taken right away to Amazon!

Take My Heart (Heroic Rogue Series Book 1)

Falling in Love Again (Heroic Rogue Series Book 2)

Wonderland by Night (Heroic Rogue Series Book 3)

The Sweetest Kiss (Sons of Worthington Series Book 1)

The Sweetest Touch (Sons of Worthington Series Book 2)

The Sweetest Love (Sons of Worthington Series Book 3)

The Sweetest Secret (Sons of Worthington Series Book 3)

Love Me Always (The Fielding Brothers Saga Book 1)

Charmed by Knight (The Fielding Brothers Saga Book 2)

True Love's Deception (The Fielding Brothers Saga Book 3)

Belong to Me (The Fielding Brothers Saga Book 4)

Love Comes Blindly (The Fielding Brothers Saga Book 5)

Amazon Sunset

Secrets and Lies

Love Lost in Time

Her Own Fairy Godmother

My Heart's Treasure

In the Arms of Danger

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