Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Interview with Cover Model - Jax

I'm so excited to introduce you a new online friend of mine, Jax Turyna. **CHEERING, APPLAUDING, WHISTLING**

I first met Jax when I found a website that sold period images of models for authors to put on their book covers. These are the first photos I'd purchased from Period Images for my Regency Romance Series - The Sons of Worthington.

Then I met Jax on Facebook, and she's just as sweet as she is on these book covers!!  So now here she is...JAX TURYNA!!

What made you want to become a model?
I had always wanted to be a model from the time I could remember. At first I didn't really know what that was but I had always said to my parents and family that I wanted to be in magazines, pretty funny that at 2 I already was making my life plans. 

How did you get your big break?
When I was going into my senior year of High School, my mom set up a shoot with my cousin in NYC (He is a big photographer in that area) for my "Senior Pictures" That was such an amazing day and he said to me that he could tell this was what I wanted to do. When we got the pictures back I held onto them until I was almost 18 (the age my parents told me I could pursue modeling) and sent them out to several agency's on the day before my 18th birthday I got called in by one agency and signed. That was my first big break into the modeling world.

Do you like to model poses alone or with other models?
I love everything about modeling and acting. Both alone and with someone presents different challenges but meeting and exceeding them each day is one of the most rewarding parts of this career. 

How did you first hear of Period Images?
I first met on line, on another site, an author who wanted me to do a custom shoot for her. I had no idea it was The owner of Period Images or that it would lead me here at the time. Shortly after talking with her she suggested we meet on my next trip out to California so I did and that was the start of my working with Period Images.

I love couple poses for my book covers. Do you enjoy the romantic / sexy poses that Period Images has you do with the male models? And how do you create a romantic feel while taking these pictures?
I love the entire team I work with at Period Images. Everyone is very professional, fun and committed to getting the right looks. That is the atmosphere that makes this type of work very enjoyable. Period Images takes great care to make everyone comfortable during our work.   When we are in the shoots, we are all working really hard but we are also having fun. (I think you have seen that in some of the behind the scenes images they have released) When you have all of the pieces planned this well and you develope the respect and trust in each other creativity flows easily. You see the images and models but to create this we are only a small part. Behind the scenes is where the real work comes in and without the entire team this wouldn't be possible. 

As far as creating a romantic feel we all draw on our acting experience as well. It is important to be able to act the part you are portraying for that real emotion to carry over in an image. Most if not all of us have acting and modeling experience and pursue both. 

I know you are an actress. How did you become interested in that career?
Yes I also act and currently working on several acting projects. For me it seemed to be a natural progression of my modeling. I think that bug really bit me after my very first book shoot which is when I started actively pursuing acting as part of my career. 

What do you do when you're not modeling?
I am a full time Model and actor. So when I am not modeling or acting I am pursuing additional opportunities in modeling and acting.. When I schedule free time. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am also a new Aunt so I love being able to spend time with my new nephew. (He has been taking priority recently)

What is your favorite movie or book?
Not sure I have a single favorite of either but in movies, my favorites are Romantic Comedies and in books I love romance novels of every type, but contemporary ones are probably my all time favorites. 

What is your favorite comfort food?
Chocolate...without question!

If I came up to you and asked for your autograph and to have my picture taken with you, how likely are you to give into my wishes?
I would absolutely 100% do that!!  Emoji 

If you would like to find Jax, here are the links:
Website - 
Facebook Fan Page - 


Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview, Jax. It was nice getting to know you better! Sheri McGathy

Anonymous said...

Love the interview! Jax is an awesome person and we love working with her! ~Staff,