Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcome Susan R Hughes

I would like to introduce you to Susan R Hughes. She's an author of sweet romances - both contemporary and historical.

How long have you been writing?
As long as I’ve been able to write, I’ve loved making up stories. I set out to write my first “novel” at thirteen, although it ended up being only about 20 pages long! As a kid I wrote mysteries and spy stories, and then teen novels in high school and into my twenties. The first book I published was a contemporary romance, and I’ve been writing romance ever since.

What do you like to do when you're not writing?

I work a full-time job and chase after my three young daughters. When all that is done for the day, I usually collapse in front of the TV.

Are any of the things in your books based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?

Usually my novels start with a location I’ve been to rather than an experience. For example, Wine & Roses was inspired by a visit to Niagara-on-the-Lake. I pull in elements from real events, but for the most part my life is too boring to make an interesting read.

What stories are in your future?

I’m working on a couple of sequels for my historical Music Box Series. It follows several generations of a family living in various locations in Canada.

How can your fans get a hold of you?  Do you have blogs, website, or a newsletter?
My website is From there you can view my blog, email me, or link to my Facebook and Twitter pages.

What intrigues you most about writing love stories?
I love exploring the thrill of meeting that special someone and falling in love. I’ve been married for 16 years, which is great, but it’s fun to relive those exciting days of courtship through my characters.

Tell us about your newest story! 
A Baby for Christmas
Paige is pregnant, single and homeless. Ryan can’t resist opening his home to the beautiful stranger who needs his help. The last thing he intends to do is get involved; and the last thing Paige needs is another man in her life when she can’t seem to untangle herself from her controlling former lover. Will it take a Christmas miracle to make Paige and Ryan realize where their hearts truly belong?



 Turning her shoulders to face the TV, Paige shifted a little closer to Ryan. After a moment she settled against his arm and rested her head on his shoulder. “Thank you for tonight. You’ve helped me almost forget the situation I’ve gotten myself into.”

Ryan felt all the blood in his body pulse toward his right side, warming every point of contact between them. He sat very still, trying not to show either his surprise or the effect her touch had on him. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ll be settled soon, and everything will fall back into place.”

“I don’t know, Ryan. I’m starting to wonder if I did the right thing leaving Matt. I’m not used to being alone.” She titled her face up to him, her gaze open and direct as it fixed onto his. Ryan’s heart lurched hard against his breastbone. The vulnerability in her hazel eyes stirred a swell of compassion in him—as the nearness of her enticing mouth stirred something more primal.

“It’s not so bad being single,” he said. “Anyway, you won’t need to be alone for long. As soon as you’re ready to dip your toe back into the dating pool, I’m willing to bet there’ll be men lined up for miles hoping for a chance.” Without forethought he brushed a loose wisp of hair from her face, letting his fingertips linger a moment on the curve of her cheek but resisting an impulse to let his thumb trace the soft, full contours of her lips.

“Would you be in that line?” Paige asked tentatively—then winced. “Sorry, there I go again saying more than I should. I’ve put you on the spot.”

“No.” Ryan shifted his body to face her. “Paige, I think you’re beautiful, and so sweet, and to be perfectly honest I’m actually dying to kiss you right now. But you know I’m moving across the country pretty soon.”

A slow, beguiling smile curved her mouth. “I know. But you’re here now.”

Catching him by surprise, she rose to brush her lips against his. Her mouth was supple and warm, and it tasted of sweet coffee.

Any restraint Ryan had imposed on himself dissolved rapidly, and he pressed his hand to her back to urge her closer. What began as a gentle, tender kiss deepened as Paige looped her arms over his shoulders, fitting the soft curves of her body against his chest. She parted her lips, inviting his tongue to glide over hers. A low moan eased from her throat, sending a warm ripple down his spine that stoked the fire flaring in his belly.

She surprised him again by abruptly pulling away, bowing her head to hide her face. “I’m sorry. I don’t feel very well.”

Ryan blew out a breath to steady his throbbing nerves. “I thought you were better.”

“I felt fine all day. I’m just suddenly nauseous.”

“I’ll try not to take that personally,” he said, attempting a joke that fell flat.

“It’s not you.” When Paige looked up, the tears glimmering in her eyes sobered him at once. “I think it might not be a virus after all. There’s a remote possibility I could be pregnant.”


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