Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Twin Falls, Idaho

It's funny to think I've never been to Twin Falls, Idaho, even though I only live a few hours away. But the past few days, my hubby and I were in Twin Falls with my daughter and grandchildren for our vacation. Twin Falls has the most beautiful waterfalls....but then I don't get out much so I haven't seen any others. However, from the ones I have seen - these are breathtaking!

So sit back and enjoy the pics!!


Dena BooksforKids said...

I lived in Twin Falls for three years. The canyon is something else isn't it? Shoshone Falls was one of my favorite places to go, especially when it rained a lot and the water was at full force. Did you get to see any parachuters jump off the bridge?

stanalei said...

Great pics, Marie. I still get a thrill driving over that bridge.