Thursday, December 27, 2012

My talented husband!

I wanted to wait until after Christmas before showing pics of those things my hubby made for the family this year. He loves to work with wood, and it shows in his work.

Earlier this year, he made me some book-cases for my books!

My brother-in-law loves motorcycles, so hubby made him a clock that looks like the front of a motorcycle!

My daughter's friend loves to fish, so hubby made him a fishing-reel clock!

My daughter's friend had some nice plates that she couldn't display for fear they would break. Hubby made her shelves for her plates.

Hubby made me a book shelf to display all my print books. Believe me, in a few months he's going to have to add to this shelf... lol

Our granddaugher's 4th Birthday was on the 10th of Dec. Hubby made her this kitchen - all out of wood!

For the Mothers and Sisters, and some of my friends - hubby made this candle holder.

There is a mirror on one side to make the light shine brighter. On the other three sides, he has glass.


Anonymous said...


He's very talented. That is lovely work.

Lillian Campbell said...

Scott has such a great talent. He does a very good job at making things. Yes, he even made me some shelves to put my books and things on. Love you lots.

Connie Babe said...

those are amazing! said...

Wow! Beautiful.

LadyLaure said...

Beautiful, so glad things are working out Love you girl