Monday, February 7, 2011

Meet author Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen

I'm excited to introduce you to suspense author, Ronda. I met her face-to-face in November when we had a book signing together. She is not only a wonderful person, but an awesome writer! Yeah, I bought her book "Trapped", and LOVED IT!

Ronda, how did you pick the genre you write in?

I have always heard we should write what we love to read, so when I determined to write a novel, I chose my favorite genre: romantic suspense.

Well, I have to say, Ronda, you do a great job writing suspense! Do you plot or do you write by the seat of your pants?

I plot first. Not in total specifics, but I do need to know who my bad guy is and how the book ends, who my main characters are, what their motivations are, and several key plot points throughout the book. If I don’t have those things, I get totally blocked and feel like I’m wandering around in the darkness, wasting my time.

I totally agree with you. What drew you to the subject of TRAPPED ?

What do you mean by “the subject?” If you mean where the story line came from, that came from two very detailed dreams I had, complete with characters and motivations. But if you’re referring to the themes inside TRAPPED, those came from my fervent belief that each person has a specific purpose for good in this world that only he/she can accomplish.

Wow, I loved these answers! So, did you encounter any obstacles in researching it?

Nothing different than I have from any other book/story I’ve written. I “simply” have to go out and find the details I don’t already know from experience. I use a lot of personal experiences from the internet and books.

You do what I do. That's good to know! What was the best writing advice someone gave you?

“You’re value is in your individuality.” This came from my creative writing teacher at Ricks College. Her name is Dorla Jenkins.

I love it! Will you describe your book for us?

My newest novel is a paranormal thriller titled TRAPPED. It’s about a young woman who wakes in the night to find a thief in her home, only to discover she’s actually caught in a deadly trap of evil traditions and a horrifying family curse only she can end. It takes place in the Austrian Alps and includes a bit of romance.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

The freedom of letting my imagination take off into unknown, and yet to me, believable places. I also love surprising people.

And I must say, you are VERY good at suprising people! What do you consider your strengths in terms of your writing?

My abilities to create suspense, combine normally unrelated things into something unique, and saying a lot with relatively few words.

You hit the nail on the head there! What do you consider your weakness and what strategies do you use to overcome it?

Characters. I think I’m pretty good with coming up with unique characters, but I seem to have trouble showing/expressing who they are on the inside. One of the best “strategies” I have is my critique group. They’re very good at helping me through such instances.

I would have never guessed that, Ronda. Where can readers find you and your books?

I’m all over the internet, but the easiest places to find me are on my blogs ( and and my website: ( You can find my books, MISSING and TRAPPED at your local bookstore and online (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.). You can also find direct purchase links on my website. By the way, during the month of February, 2011, I’m celebrating “Library Lovers Month.” If you purchase a copy of MISSING or TRAPPED during the month of February, please send me a copy of your receipt to my email address at, and I’ll enter you in a drawing to have a free copy of TRAPPED sent to the school or community library of your choice.

Best of luck with your contest! Thanks, Ronda for letting me grill you for answers! You're the best!


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