Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Hero

If someone were to ask me about my favorite hero, I'd first say I couldn't decide because I write so many books and all my heroes are my favorite. But then if I forgot about my writing and thought about my life and who I looked up to, I would have to say my hero was my father.

I look back on my life, and I know I gave him a lot of anguish in my teenage years. We argued constantly because we were so much alike. Even though I know he loved me, I didn't really understand how much until after I was married. We didn't argue that much then, for which I'm glad, because I think our relationship grew stronger at that point.

So who is my father? Marvin LaCal Campbell was born on May 26, 1936 in Richfield, Utah, and he grew up in a little town called Antimony.

He helped his mother out quite a bit who had arthritis so bad she couldn't do much of anything. My father also took care of his younger sister and brother. This shaped him into the Father that did everything he could to take care of his family once he married my mom.

Soon he had three children. I was in the middle, and always getting picked on (so I'd thought). But still, Dad was always there to make us all feel special. He never spoiled one child over the other.

I remember the first time a boy broke my heart. I came home from school crying, and my dad told me not to worry, because no boy could ever love me like my dad did.  He was definitely a wonderful man!

Later in life when he started getting sick - and when I was writing my story, Heart Of A Hero, I used my dad's name for my heroine's father. Even though my heroine's father does not die like my dad did, at least I could describe the helplessness and frustration I felt when I saw his life slowly slipping away.

When my book is published with my new publisher - Walnut Springs Press - there will be this dedication to my father.

I want to dedicate this book to my very first hero— my father, Marvin Campbell—who I fashioned my heroine’s father around. I wish my father could have lived to see this book published, but I know he was proud of me nonetheless. Dad, I miss you.

Dad, if you're looking down on me from Heaven, I hope you know how much I love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

                                           Died May 21, 2001


Lillian Campbell said...

I can testify to this blog about your father. He was a great man and still is. You did a great job.

Erin Knightley said...

So sweet, Marie :) Having your father be your hero is a wonderful thing, and I look forward to reading more about the character that was modeled after him when your book comes out.

Amy DeTrempe said...

What a wondeful tribute. I feel the same about my dad. He was wonderful. I lost him in 1989 and still miss him a great deal and I wish my kids could have known him. said...


What a touching and lovely tribute to your dad. He sounds like the type of hero I admire.

stanalei said...

Wonderful Tribute, Marie. Thanks for sharing a bit more about yourself through your thoughts and feelings of your first hero, your father.


Melissa Dawn Harte said...

Aww Marie, what a beautiful tribute to your dad. I'm lucky that I still have both of my parents and trust me I thank my lucky stars everyday. I don't want to be one of those people who take thier parents for granted and then one day realize thier gone and there's nothing they can do to change how they behaved. And it sounds to me like you treasured him for as long as you had him. Dad's are special to little girls that's for sure.
Happy Birthday Mr. Campbell!

Mary said...

What a wonderful tribute to you dad! Good luck with your writing,

AvonLadyJerrica said...

Oh, Marie, this brought tears to my eyes. You father sounds like he was a wonderful man, and what a lovely tribute to him!

Unknown said...

What a touching testimony to your Dad. You and I share yet one more thing. My dad was my hero, too, and I miss him even though he's been gone for over twenty years. I didn't really learn to stand on my own until he passed, and it was hard not to pick up the phone and call Daddy so he could assure me everything would be fine.'re hero sounds a lot like mine. :)

Love you, Sis.

Jannine said...

Marie, that was so sweet. It definitely made me emotional.

Connie Babe said...

I sure love your dad. Still remember the first time he smiled at me...I was so excited that he liked me!!! And I will always be grateful that your family included me. And taught me it was okay to break the taco shell while eating tacos... :)