Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another book to send out...

This past Monday, the publisher Cedar Fort in Springville, Utah, requested my first Christian romance - Heart of a Hero.  I was thrilled!!!  I pray this is the right story for them. If not...I just barely finished yet another story to send to them. This one is titled, How To Win Your Man's Heart - a romantic comedy.  Here is the blurb -

When love and friends collide, the outcome can be humorous…and disastrous.

Whoever said the quest for love wasn’t comical, never met Charlene Randall. Her search to find church and family man, Mr. Wonderful, leads her to the last place she ever expected – the arms of her neighbor.

Owner of a wealthy company, Damien Giovanni is fed up with money-grabbing women. But Charley isn’t like this. She wants to try the Internet article, How to Win Your Man on his former friend. Jealousy hits him head on like a locomotive without a driver. What would happen if he tried the “10 Ways” on her? In the process, he notices changes in himself. Now he’s thinking about church, marriage, and a forever family. Will this be enough to make him happy and complete now? is the blurb for my historical, Heart of a Hero -

The West has bandits, rattlers, and sagebrush galore… Richfield, Utah has Jesse and Summer, the town’s newest and most hard-headed heroes.

When Summer Bennett returns home after five years of etiquette school for young ladies, she discovers her father has been injured and cannot walk. Gotta get money…fast, for his operation. The reward money for capturing outlaws is the only way, and etiquette falls by the dusty roadside. Yet Jesse, the town’s hero, is always trying to thwart her plans – just like when she was young. She'd like nothing more than to use his head for a slingshot target, but as her heart warms toward him her aim shifts from his head to his heart.

For thirteen years, little Summer was the burr under the Deputy Marshal’s saddle. Now Jesse Slade feels a different irritation. She’s on his mind even while searching for outlaws. As much as he’d like to ignore the newfound feelings he has around her, he wonders if the Lord is telling him she’s the one… Funny, because Jesse had always wanted to tie her to the outhouse before.

Wish me luck!!


Connie Babe said...

good luck! i am so excited to be the first public followerer of your blog!!!

and really...i'm very excited for you...hope your success just keeps on going and going...

Marie Higgins said...

CONNIE! How exciting to have a 'follower'. Thanks woman! I feel so lucky to have you following me. I'm glad you're excited for me, too. I agree with you, I want my success to keep going and going... lol