Saturday, October 11, 2014

What a FUN evening!

Last night, I spent the evening with my best friend, Dawn, and her daughter, Jessica, and Jessica's friend, Karen. Dawn won tickets to "Erin's Night Out"- a lady's only event...even though there were men there, too. lol  (pics on this link are from last year)

Radio DJs Todd & Erin has functions like this all the time and they give away tickets. I'm so happy that my friend won the tickets and asked me to go, because the whole evening was a BLAST! There was so much to do, and so much to see.

The first thing I did when I got there was get a body massage. Ahhh.... I need more of these every week! The woman who gave me a massage told me that having regular massages will help the bulging disc problem in my back. And you know what? I believe it, because I felt soooo much better when she was done, and although I walked for several hours last night, my feet, back, and neck, never hurt once during the evening!

There were many tables there to sign up for free stuff - along with getting free stuff - and even vendors there selling their jewelry, lotions / oils, baked goods, clothes, books, and even make-up! There were classes to attend, too!  My friend and I (and Jessica & Karen) attended the Ghost Hunters' class. WOWZA! How freaky was that, but I totally loved every story Todd Carr (author of "Talking To Yourself in the Dark" ) told us and the amazing recordings he let us hear when he talked to spirits!!

Oh, and let's not forget the adrenaline-rushing moment when I tried out for the title of "Best Grandmother EVER" when I had a very large snake draped around me just to get a picture for my grandkids! I would have gone for the title of "Best Mother EVER, but my friend, Dawn, got that title when she had her pic taken, too. lol

And let's not forget having pics taken with some SEXY Firemen! Okay, I'll admit, that's not the real reason I wanted my pic taken with them. I gave a donation for a good cause (just don't ask me what it was right now because I can't remember) ... heeheee

Once it became dark, we got to watch a spectacular show. The Fire Muse Circus was amazing, and had me holding my breath several times during their performance. Of course, because they danced with fire - and the wind was blowing - also made me nervous. Still, nothing caught on fire, which was good, but our trust firemen were there and ready just in case!

Another highlight of the evening was talking with Todd & Erin of the radio station Rewind 100.7  and getting my picture taken with them!!  I have listened to these crazy, fun-loving people for so long I feel like they are my favorite neighbors! It was good to meet them face-to-face finally!

Here are some pics of the evening. ENJOY!

This was the chocolate fountain table! OH YES!!

Here is Karen with the icky snake. She wasn't freaking out like Dawn and I were.

This bird was in the same location as the snake. Since I have a bird like this in my book "Amazon Sunset" I thought I'd take a picture of it. :)

Another exotic bird

This was the area where the Fire Muse Circus performed. 

This is the beginning. This are just those awesome lights. Dancers were great!

So here is the guy who danced with fire. FREAKY!! 

The rope dancers. Dang, I was scared they would fall!!


Here is the lovely Erin from the Todd & Erin show on Rewind 100.7! She is awesome!

And here is Todd from the radio station. Isn't he sexy?? :) 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

New story: "Secrets and Lies"

I want to thank my Facebook and blog friends who gave me such great suggestions for this story. My muse is back and I finally want to write!!  I have picked my FB friends Lee Parry and Nicole Laverdure's names for my hero / heroine. My hero is Ashton Lee, and my heroine is Nicole Bastian. Also, I will use the names of those who posted a comment on my blog on FB post as secondary characters in my story: Veronica, Emily, Steven, Brenda, Sheri, Gina, Kelly, and also my co-worker Glen. (either first names or last names)

I've already written the prologue to "Secrets and Lies", and I'm so excited to write more. I decided to share this with my friends, and yes, even to tease you a little with my story. My reviewers don't label me "Queen of Tease" for nothing!

On secret assignment from President Grant, Nicole Bastian is tasked with investigating a string of train robberies in which several caches of government gold were stolen. The stakes are high and she is utterly devastated when she uncovers information that indicates the man of her dreams, Ashton Lee, the wealthy co-founder of Conrail is the number one suspect. 

Desperate to remain cool and impartial, Nicole strives to keep her suspicions quiet until she learns what he keeps from her.

New York City, 1870

When had the man of her dreams turned into her worst nightmare?
Terror seized Nicola Bastian’s whole body as she stared at the pistol pointing straight at her. Holding her breath, she dared not even breathe, yet her heartbeat hammered so quickly, she had to do something to calm herself. Slowly, she released a small bit of air between her lips as she forced her frightened brain to start functioning. There had to be a way out of this mess. Not often had she found herself in situations like this, but when she did, she had always squeezed out of the predicament.
After all, she was a trained Secret Service Agent as was her brother and father. She was in the family business for a reason. She was so very good at it.
Yet, ever since meeting Ashton Lee, things had not gone as planned. Especially when she had allowed him to capture her heart.
Nicola moved her focus from the black, shiny weapon in his hand, up to the distrustful eyes of Conrail Railroad’s co-founder, Ashton Lee. He was one of the wealthiest men in New York City…and was number one on her suspects’ list for the recent train robberies, as well.
She tried to gulp down the fright lodged in her throat, but it wouldn’t move. Keeping her legs from trembling, she slowly shifted her arms in front of her and clasped her cold fingers. After licking her suddenly dried lips, she cleared her throat. “Mr. Lee. Wh-what are you doing here?”
He stepped into the room a little farther until reaching the low-burning lamp on the side table. He turned it up and seconds later, the light brightened the room. She squinted from the sudden brightness until her vision adjusted. When she was able to see him more clearly, a frown marred his handsome face. Her heart twisted.
“I live here.” He arched a critical eyebrow. “Or had that somehow slipped your mind as you wandered through my house uninvited?”
No matter what, she couldn’t tell him what she suspected him of doing.
“Forgive me, Mr. Lee, but I entered your house uninvited, assuming you wouldn’t mind. I…um, I seem to have left my wrist purse somewhere, and I thought perhaps I’d left it here when I visited you the other day.”
Gradually, the hand holding the pistol lowered, but suspicion still sparked in his eyes. “Then you should have sent me a note and I would have searched for it. But instead, you waited until you thought I had left before sneaking in and coming to my study. When you were here the other afternoon, we sat in the parlor, so why would you think your wrist purse was in my study?”
Silently, she grumbled. She really needed to think up better answers. Right now, however, her heart was beating frantically and her mind was spinning out of control. She couldn’t think straight to save her life.
Shrugging, she said, “Pardon me, once again for assuming, because I had just figured you would bring my purse in here to keep it safe until I came for it.” Hopefully, he’d believe that statement. For a moment, she thought it had worked, because his arm lowered another inch.
He studied her through a hooded gaze. Still his mouth hadn’t moved from the distrustful scowl he wore when he first entered the room. She didn’t dare say anything more, but she felt she needed to convince him that she wasn’t trying to steal from him.
Doubtful, he’d suspect her of being a secret agent. After all, women usually didn’t have occupations like this, and she’d worked so hard to try to present herself as a carefree heiress who didn’t know how to use her mind. To be sure, Ashton Lee would be shocked to know this wasn’t her at all, which is why he must never know. She must protect her true identity.
He took another step toward her. “I see your reasoning, Miss Bastian, however, you haven’t answered my question on why you came when you thought I was gone?”
Oh, dear. She moistened her mouth with another swallow before answering. “I had actually dropped by, but the lights were out. I knew it was late, and…and I really didn’t want to bother you with something so mundane. I thought if I could sneak in and just peek in your study, no harm would be done.” She smiled as charmingly as she could muster with quivering lips.
“Miss Bastian,” he said, coming even closer, “do you make it a habit of going out after dark to visit men at their homes, and then sneak in when the lights are out?”
What is wrong with me? Never before had she felt so dumbstruck. “Well, no, but—”
“Nicole,” he whispered her name closing the space between them as he stood in front of her, “I have always wondered something about you from the very first time we met. I couldn’t quite understand what had me so perplexed, but I felt as if you were holding secrets.” He swept the fingers of his free hand along the curls by her cheek. “I now realize that you are not the woman you have pretended to be.”
Ice chilled her blood. No! He couldn’t possibly know that. She wouldn’t admit the truth to him even if he threatened her life. Then again, with him holding a gun on her, perhaps her life was at stake. “I-I-I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”
“Oh, my dear, Nicole.” He shook his head slowly. “It is time to stop playing this game with me. I’ve suspected who you were for a few days now.”
She gasped. “You thought I was lying to you when I was here the other day?”
“Not at first, but the more we talked, the more I realized your charade.”
He couldn’t possibly have guessed. “I, Sir, do not have a charade! If anyone has one, it’s you.”
“And how did you come to that conclusion, my dear?”
Once again, he had put her on the spot. When would her mind start functioning correctly? She needed to think rationally soon. “Oh come now, Mr. Lee. You cannot tell me that you haven’t heard the rumors.”
He arched an eyebrow. “Rumors? Of what, may I ask?”
Uncomfortable, she laughed lightly. “Have you not heard of the train robberies these past few months? Not only important government mail was stolen, but several gold bars were taken, as well.”
“You don’t have to explain about the robberies. Because I’m one of the owners of the rail line, I know what is going on. But what does this have to do with me?”
She swept a still-shaky hand through the air around her, motioning to the room’s décor. “It’s rumored that your coffers have doubled in the past few months. Now tell me, Mr. Lee, is it just a coincidence that this happened around the same time as the train thefts?”
An indescribable expression crossed his features and darkened his face. She couldn’t tell if he was extremely humored at her comment, or shocked that she would say such a thing. He kept silent for a few awkward moments as his gaze bore deep into hers. She didn’t dare say anymore until he gave her his reply.
Slowly, the unfathomable expression left his face as a grin tugged at his mouth. He moved closer, not stopping until he was mere inches away. The bulk of her gown rubbed against the material of his trousers. Uncertainty jumped inside her, and although instinct told her she should be afraid of him, fear was not the emotion swirling inside her stomach and warming her blood right now.
The pistol he clutched fell to his side, but his weapon of choice now was his limb-melting gaze and sensual grin. In a way, this one was more dangerous.
“Nicole,” he said in a husky tone, “are you seriously accusing me of thievery?”
A quick thought flitted through her head. He must be some kind of thief because he’d nearly stolen her heart. And he had certainly taken away her control over this situation!
Up this close, the few freckles across his nose were more prominent, and the dimple in his cheek made her want to stroke the pad of her finger across it. Instead, she did her best to remain still, even if her insides were having a jumping match at the moment. “I’m not accusing you of anything, Mr. Lee. I’m merely pointing out the similarities.”
“Didn’t I ask you the other night to call me Ashton?” His voice deepened.
“Uh, yes.”
“Then why aren’t you?”
“Because I thought…well, you see…I just don’t think—”
“Nicole, do you know how lovely you are when you’re flustered?” He used his other hand to caress her cheek.
A shiver of excitement rattled through her, and she cursed him for being able to do this. Why had he said such a thing—now, of all times? Had it slipped his mind that he’d caught her in his house, and that he was holding a pistol? Or had she somehow gained control over this conversation without knowing it?
Then it struck her like a thick piece of wood between the eyes, and the realization made her heart sink. He was trying to change the subject. For some reason, he didn’t want to talk about the train robbery or that he’d suddenly came across more money. He was using his charm to weaken her. That only meant one thing.
The man was guilty. Ashton Lee was indeed the train robber—or at least one of the men involved. Because of his position with the company, he was probably the one who had planned this whole thing and hired the thugs to do the dirty work.
“You think I’m flustered?” she asked, her voice cracking.
His grin grew wider. “Aren’t you?” His touch moved from her cheek to her bottom lip. The pad of his thumb rubbed the skin, his gaze staying on that spot. “In these past few weeks of knowing you, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you stumble over your words. In all this time, you have been such a confident woman. You say what’s on your mind. So to answer your question, yes, I do think you’re flustered.” He paused, then added, “And I find it adorable.”
Slowly, his head moved closer as his hand dropped to her shoulder. He’s going to kiss me! Yet knowing this didn’t make her want to stop him at all. Instead, she was encouraged and grasped his waistcoat with both of her hands, waiting…anticipating his lips on hers.
His warm breath touched her mouth just before his lips did. Sighing a satisfied breath, she leaned into him, pressing her mouth intimately against his. Strong arms wrapped around her body, settling her in his embrace a little better. When her hands felt imprisoned between their chests, she slid her palms up over his shoulders and to his nape.
Although gentle, the kiss was also wild. He kissed her like he couldn’t get enough, slanting his head from side to side. She responded with the same eagerness.
Inside her heart, emotion grew—very tender; very endearing. But inside her head, doubts crept in, reminding her that he only acted this way as a diversion. It shouldn’t matter how charming, handsome, and sweet he’d been to her—and how incredible she felt kissing him—he was guilty. He would eventually be arrested and thrown in prison for his crimes. Unless the judge decided to hang Ashton, instead.
Her conscience screamed for her to stop the kiss, but she couldn’t. Indeed, he was a thief, because he’d taken away her control once more. This time, however, she didn’t mind that much, especially when a few pleasurable sighs released from his throat. At least she wasn’t the only one enjoying this moment.
Within seconds, his lips grew soft, his actions tender, his kisses slow, almost leisurely. He left her breathless. How could a heartless criminal show her so much affection? It was obvious he did care about her in some way.
When he finally broke the kiss, he seemed to have difficulty breathing as well. His hazel eyes smoldered with desire while he held her stare. She scrambled for something intelligent to say, but as before, she was a loss for words.
Soon, the scowl reappeared on his face and he frowned. “You kiss too well for an innocent woman. Just as I had suspected, you are not whom you’ve proclaimed to be.” He released her and stepped several feet away, raising the pistol to her once more. “Such a shame I have to kill you. We could have been good for each other.”
Fear bolted through her again. This time, it nearly had her body crumbling to the ground. He couldn’t kill her! This wasn’t the way it was supposed to end. There must be a way to convince him otherwise.
Sadness darkened on his face and he shook his head. “Believe me, Nicole, I wish things would have turned out differently.”

The fire of a pistol exploded through the room. Darkness quickly filled her mind as she collapsed on the floor.

Watch the book video - 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Help me with a story

I've said this before, and I'll say it again.... I have a weakness for gorgeous book covers. Last night I saw this book cover made by my awesome cover artist, Sheri McGathy, and I KNEW I must have it. The problem is, I don't have a plot to go with it.

So here is where I need your help. I need suggestions on a plot - just suggestions. From there, I'll take it and create it into a fun, action-packed story with suspense, humor, and of course, romance! If I like your suggestion, I'll use your name in my story - either one of the main characters or the villain. lol  

Contest ends August 30th!

Every picture has a story, right? So what is this picture saying to you?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sizzling Summer Sales!!

We're going to start this summer off with a BANG! I have gathered several different-genre authors (with different heat-levels - but NO erotic, don't worry!) who have all priced their books at 99 cents for this Sizzling Summer Sale! This promo goes from June 24th to the 28th.

If you find a book you enjoy, we hope you will take the time to give the author a nice review and maybe check out their other books.

 Bella Notte (YA Paranormal) 
by Jesse Kimmel Freeman

Vampires? Check. Werewolves? Check. Death prophecy to hang over your head? Double check. Seventeen year old Emma Hutchinson struggles to find her place in the world she has been born to as she tries to decide whether she should be with Michael, the boy she has been dreaming about since she was three or if she belongs with Dominic, her betrothed.
DISCOUNT - $0.99 (Regular price $3.99) Click to buy on Kindle

 The Sweetest Kiss (Regency Sweet Romance) 
by Marie Higgins
Lord Trey Worthington isn’t about to give his heart to a woman. He does not want a marriage like his parents. But when his mother brings a childhood acquaintance into the home to sponsor into society, Trey has to get Miss Faraday trained properly. The more he gets to know Judith, the more he yearns for something he doesn’t dare reach for. Judith is after a faithful husband—something Trey has been convinced most of his life he’ll never become.

Judith Faraday is only after one thing—to marry her Naval Officer and enjoy a life full of love. She’s doubtful her dream will ever come true while living as the ward to the dowager duchess. However, the longer Judith is with the dowager’s son, Trey, an attraction blossoms. Judith now wonders if God has different plans for her life, because Trey doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage…the very thing Judith cannot do without.
 DISCOUNT  - $0.99  (regular price $3.99)   click to buy on Kindle

Waiting For You (Ghost story / Time-travel Sweet romance)
by Marie Higgins
When a beautiful woman claiming to be a ghost from 1912 appears in Nick Marshal’s new office and begs for help in solving her murder, he’s intrigued enough to consider her plea. A scandal that rocked Hollywood almost destroyed his law practice, so taking on a client who insists she’s dead seems a good way to refresh his career. The more history he uncovers, the deeper he falls for the ghost. Abigail Carlisle believes Nick is her heart’s true desire, but how can happily ever after happen when she’s already dead?
DISCOUNT - $0.99  (regular price $3.99) click to buy on Kindle

Marry Me for Money (Contemporary Romance)
by Mia Kayla
Leaving her small town behind, Bethany Casse moves to Chicago in search of a new life. Working at a top financial bank brings her into contact with two men who are as different as night and day. 
Kent Plack, heir to Plack Industries, has no interest in being with a woman for longer than one night. A spoiled and lazy man-whore, he is completely content with his playboy lifestyle, and Beth is surprised when they form an unlikely friendship.
Brian Burcham, a finance banker, is gorgeous and respectful. A man plucked from Beth’s dreams, he is definite husband material. Unfortunately, Beth has a hard rule against dating coworkers, but Brian is determined to change her mind. 
When a deadbeat mother and money problems follow her to Chicago, Beth is offered a solution that could fix everything. Marrying for money seems simple enough, but when lines become blurred, Beth faces difficult choices, making her realize that the easy way out just made her life even harder than before. 
DISCOUNT - $0.99 (regular price $2.99)   click to buy on Kindle  B&N  ibooks  Kobo

Cornered / Ocean Mist Book Two (Young Adult)
by Brenda Maxfield
Seventeen-year-old Courtney Phillips is striving to earn an internship to escape from her unhappy home. But when her mother becomes ill, Courtney is stuck caring for her rebellious sister, Tiffany, and her little brother—until Tiffany runs off to live with their dead-beat dad.
Track star Keegan Hank’s current girlfriend is cheating on him, but having fallen for him herself, Courtney is afraid to tell her best friend the truth. When Keegan discovers that Courtney withheld the facts about his girlfriend, he rejects her apologies.

Courtney finally lands an interview for her dream internship, but mysterious calls from Tiffany spell trouble. Courtney must now find a way to win Keegan’s love and rescue her sister without jeopardizing her own future.
 DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular price $3.99)  Buy on Kindle   Barnes & Noble  Smashwords

The Return / Ocean Mist Book Three (Young Adult)
by Brenda Maxfield
Following her mother’s death, Tiffany’s missing father reappears intending to take control of both her and her brother. Tough and rebellious, Tiffany doesn’t take kindly to meddling jerks and insists that neither she nor her little brother needs help, especially from the likes of him. 
Tiffany plots her escape, but her plans become tangled when Jason, a new student whose past is shrouded in rumors, moves to Ocean Mist. Despite her intention to remain aloof, Tiffany falls for him and is driven to discover his secret.
When Tiffany’s brother sides with their father, Tiffany decides to run. But where can she go? Can she desert both her brother and Jason?
DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular price $3.99)  Buy on Kindle   

A Little Trouble in Big Sky (sweet romance)
by Stacey Coverstone
Taylor doesn't expect her reluctant homecoming to include a murder, a ghost…and romance with the ranch foreman.
Photographer Taylor Young fled to L.A. following her sister's betrayal six years ago. Now Jamie's dead, Mama has broken a hip in a drunken fall, and Taylor's stepfather has begged her to return to her family's Montana ranch to make amends.
After a bitter divorce, Brett Austin, foreman of the Slash Y Ranch, believes horses are more of a sure thing than women. But undeniable chemistry with the boss's daughter convinces him it's time to take another chance at love.
When Taylor's mother insists Jamie's death was not suicide-a theory confirmed by Jamie's ghost-Taylor wonders who could have wanted her sister dead. With a list of suspects as long as her camera strap, she needs an ally. Could that person be a tall drink of water in a cowboy hat?  DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular price $2.99)    Buy on Kindle 

Hearts on the Run (sweet romance)
by Stacey Coverstone
You can run, but you can't hide from love...
Cole Roberts has been unlucky in love--twice--and he's sworn not to get involved again. Renovating the New Mexico family horse business into a guest ranch is a good distraction, until the ranch's new masseuse arrives. Captivating but secretive, the brown-eyed beauty intrigues him.
Three years ago, Lindy Grainger testified against a murderer and landed in witness protection. Her latest identity is masseuse at a guest ranch, but how long before she must reinvent herself--again? She can't get involved with anyone, no matter how big-hearted and charming he is.
Cole's heart can't take another rejection. Lindy has to steer clear of relationships. But as their attraction grows, a murderer bent on revenge closes in, and Lindy must trust Cole with her secret or lose him. Will the truth set her free, or tear them apart? 
 DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular price $2.99)   Buy on Kindle

Still the One (Romantic Comedy)
by Joan Reeves
Burke Winslow needed a wife--but he didn't have his ex in mind for the job. This funny, sexy romp proves when there's love, passion never dies, it just smolders away until you toss some gasoline on it. Burke and Ally provide that gasoline when they find themselves locked in a marriage of--inconvenience.
DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular price $3.99) Buy on Kindle

Champion of the Heart (Medieval Romance)
by Laurel O'Donnell
Fox Mercer vows revenge on those who unjustly stripped his father of his knighthood and his lands, including the Lady Jordan Ruvane whom he once called friend. Forced to abandon his rightful place in society, Fox becomes an outcast known as the Black Fox. He steals what he needs to live, hiding in the decaying ruins of a haunted castle he once called home, determined to one day regain what is rightfully his.
Lady Jordan Ruvane is the protector of the orphaned children of her village. When she loses one of her children because the Black Fox steals the medicinal herbs that would have saved the child, Jordan vows to capture her old childhood friend and bring him to justice.
In a twist of fate, Jordan is the one who becomes the captive. Old flames are ignited and an undeniable firestorm of buried passion is unleashed. But sinister secrets from their childhood are also revealed, threatening their future. Can Fox conquer the dark mystery of the past and truly become the champion of his lady's heart?
Champion of the Heart is an exciting medieval romance filled with dark secrets and haunted castles, villainous betrayal and heartbreaking tragedy, honor and family loyalty -- and a love that conquers all.
DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular price $2.99)
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Fool's Gold (Time-travel Romance)
by Melissa Lynne Blue
Does a future exist for a man out of time? 
Charleston 1870… 
In far too deep with a dangerous man, Jacob Langston has twenty-four hours to repay hefty gambling debts or his family will be harmed. Desperate for funds, Jacob goes in search of the lost Confederate bullion rumored to be buried in the woods outside of Charleston. Trapped in a wicked storm, he soon realizes the fool’s errand he’s embarked upon. Before he can escape the woods he is caught in a bizarre cascade of events that throws him 150 years into the future. There he is given aide by the warm-hearted Sage Martin… a woman as lovely as she is kind. Jacob can’t help but be drawn to the idea of a future in her future. However, he is plagued by the threats made against his brothers, and knows he could never embrace a life in which those he loved were left to suffer because of his weakness. Though he longs to stay with Sage, Jacob remains driven to return to his own time and rectify his wrongs, whatever the personal cost. 
After a lifetime chasing after fool’s gold can he finally grasp the treasure his lonely heart has been searching for? Or is he doomed to pay the ultimate price for the foolishness of youth? 
DISCOUNT $0.99  (regular price $2.99)  Buy on Kindle 

Edge of Time (Time-travel Romance)
by Melissa Lynne Blue
Jilted by her fiancé, Marissa is done with men until fate steps in and she finds that Craig Langston may be more man than she can resist. 
Marissa is a high energy independent career woman of the 21st century who finds herself on a collision course with destiny when she is thrown 144 years into the past. Confederate Officer Dr. Craig Langston is an enticing man that any woman would long to fall in love with, and now Marissa is torn between rampant desire, for the man ignites her very soul, and a longing to return home. 
Can she find it within herself to embrace a new life in the arms of her Confederate officer or will more sinister forces intervene before she can discover what may be the greatest love of all time?
DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular price $2.99)  Buy Kindle 

Disappear (Romantic Suspense)
by Mary Martinez
After two years undercover as an FBI agent to infiltrate a crime organization and discover the identity of a hit man, Tyler Beckett’s cover is blown. Tyler’s new assignment is to protect the only witness who can identify the mysterious killer. If only he didn’t find her so attractive. Each day it becomes harder to keep his objective, especially since he knows the interest is mutual. 
Keira Cavanaugh is the only witness to a hit ordered by a crime boss.  The safe house is compromised and the same hit man shoots Tyler. Fearing Tyler is dead, Keira plans revenge on the crime organization. She must fake her own suicide in order to survive. 
When Tyler discovers what Keira plans, he realizes he must stop her before he loses her for good. 
DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular price $3.99) Buy on Kindle   Barnes & Noble
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Three Brides and a Dress (Women's Fiction)
by Mary Martinez
Hi, my name is Bella and I'm one of Heidi by Design signature creations. I'm a wedding dress. Someday I'll find a young bride with stars in her eyes and dreams of a future with her groom. I can imagine it now. The groom standing at the altar waiting, his gaze fixed to the door where his bride will appear and then walk toward him. I'll hug her curves and she'll shimmer and shine with the promise of what their life will be.
It all sounds simple and easy, doesn't it?
My journey is more of a zig zag than a top stitch along a straight seam as I search for the perfect bride who is my soul mate.
DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular price $3.99'   Buy on  Kindle  Barnes & Noble iTunes  Coffee Time Romance Kobo   Smashwords

Bareback for Cowboy (Sensual Romance)
by Lawna Mackie
Champion Steer Wrestler, Cade Galloway has no time for women, and certainly no time for babysitting the ugly duckling he remembers from his youth. His mother assures him the young lady has grown up since he last saw her, but he doesn’t hear. He needs to put all his energy into winning the competition at the Calgary Stampede.
Sophia Randall, strikingly gorgeous in a small black dress and stilettos departs the plane from Paris looking for her childhood crush. The cowboy who used to babysit her is to again watch out for her during this visit. She hopes the short vacation will ease the pain of losing her mother. Confident and independent, she has only one weakness. Cade. Knowing this might be her only chance with him, she throws caution to the wind.
The explosive brilliance of the nightly fireworks can’t compare to the sexual sparks between them. But life calls, leaving each on a different continent. Are the hot sexy nights and days spent together enough to melt the rugged cowboy’s heart or has Sophia just added more pain to injury?  DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular price $3.72)  Buy on Kindle

Enchantment (Fantasy Romance)
by Lawna Mackie
Stumbling into the world of Enchantment brought Meeka everything she’d been searching for. Peace. Magic. A gorgeous knight in shining armor. 
Kerrigan knows he should banish her from Enchantment, it’s his duty as the dragon-shifting Enforcer. But one thing stands in the way…his overwhelming desire for Meeka. 
Can Kerrigan keep Meeka safe as his enemies strive to turn her into a weapon that will destroy all he is bound to protect? 
Or will their passion override duty?
DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular price $3.81)
Buy on Kindle

Redeemed / The Evolution Series (Historical Romance)
by Jill Hughey
Can a quiet widow help a damaged, secretive man find redemption?
Doeg has only two requirements in a wife and upon meeting Philantha he knows she is the one who will fulfill them. However, she has a requirement of her own that tests and eventually breaks the barriers Doeg has maintained around himself for decades. They struggle during the day to revitalize his estate while the night-time awakening of their passion leads to binding love and redemption beyond their wildest imaginings. When an unexpected threat to Philantha emerges, Doeg rises to the challenge, throwing off the shackles of his past once and for all.
Travel to Bavaria in 834 where Redeemed combines the best elements of historical romance with an exciting new setting. Book Two in the Evolution Series
DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular price $3.99) Buy on Kindle

Creator of Worlds / Paranormal Fantasy
by Ryan Murphy
Dr. Shirley Gallagher and her team of astronomers and analysts make the most astonishing discovery in human history. While on her way to brief the President of the United States, Shirley’s life is cut short in a horrific accident. Her death only marks the beginning of a much greater journey.
Born into her new life as a spirit, all of Shirley’s questions regarding the afterlife are answered, but they’re far from what she expected. Furthermore, she finds herself completely unprepared to learn of her purpose in this new world.
Thrust into a war with the Angeli, beings who helped create the human spirit, she learns that her spirit body has evolved, making her the only one physically capable of stopping the invading force. She must race through the heavens against time, a powerful evil spirit, alien beings, and demons to save the earth, the human race, and every human spirit from annihilation. DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular price $2.99) Buy on Kindle

The Incorrigible Mr. Lumley (Regency Romance)
by Aileen Fish
Stubborn. Hard-headed. Single-minded. The qualities that make David Lumley a successful horse breeder are put to work befriending Lady Joanna Hurst with less than noble intentions. He’s tenacious in his pursuit of the answers he seeks. 
Lady Joanna falls fast and hard for the handsome, witty and charming Mr. Lumley after her brother’s ultimatum to find a husband by the end of the Season. He is everything she imagined a husband could be, and more. Blissfully unaware of the conflict between their fathers, she believes he’ll declare his love soon. Then she overhears a conversation between Mr. Lumley and her brother, and all of Mr. Lumley’s tenacity will be needed if he’s to win back her heart.
DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular price $2.99)  Buy on Kindle  and Barnes & Noble  iTunes

With This Ring (Contemporary Romance)
by E. Ayers
DeeDee Drayden doesn’t believe in a happily ever after, even though her passion is designing wedding gowns. Cody Montgomery, heir to a fortune, is hiding in a small town raising seven children after two failed marriages. With his hands full, he’s sworn off women. But when Cody ends up being a silent partner and CFO of DeeDee’s fledgling bridal business, his eyes are on more than the bottom line. Do they dare mix business with pleasure to find their own happily ever after?
DISCOUNT $0.99 (regular $3.99)  Buy on US Kindle   UK Kindle

Friday, May 30, 2014

Welcome Collette Cameron!

I am very happy to have Collette Cameron on my blog again. She's a wonderful writer, and I'm not just saying that because I'm her critique partner, either. She really does have some awesome books!!  And...she'll be telling us about her newest release, "The Earl's Enticement". Take it away, Collette...

The Earl’s Enticement Cover Blurb:
She won’t be tamed.
A fiery, unconventional Scot, Adaira Ferguson wears breeches, swears, and has no more desire to marry than she does to follow society’s dictates of appropriate behavior. She trusts no man with the secret she desperately protects.

He can’t forget.
Haunted by his past, Roark, the Earl of Clarendon, rigidly adheres to propriety, holding himself and those around him to the highest standards, no matter the cost. Betrayed once, he’s guarded and leery of all women.

Mistaking Roark for a known spy, Adaira imprisons him. Infuriated, he vows vengeance. Realizing her error, she’s appalled and releases him, but he’s not satisfied with his freedom. Roark is determined to transform Adaira from an ill-mannered hoyden to a lady of refinement.

He succeeds only to discover, he preferred the free-spirited Scottish lass who first captured his heart.


Adaira stepped around the mare and ever-so-gently touched the foal. Was the new addition a laddie or lassie? Skimming her hands over the newborn, she bent to take a peek. A colt. The sheen of his coat glistened in the muted light. Other than a white face and leg markings, he was the color of rich Turkish coffee.

“Ooh, you’re magnificent!” she breathed in awe.

“He is, indeed,” rumbled a harmonious baritone.

She whirled around. The Earl of Clarendon leaned across the stall door. His forearms rested on the top edge. He clasped a silver flask loosely in one hand. His shirtsleeves were rolled to his elbows, and he wore no waistcoat or jacket. The top of his shirt was unfastened too.

Just perfect. She wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near the earl, and here he was, in her sanctuary. She ought to be afraid, after his parting words, but she sensed something altogether different.

No, she wouldn’t stare at the crisp dark hair on his forearms or peeking from the collar of his open shirt. Bugger it. She curled her hands into fists against the oddest urge to run her fingers through the curly hair on his chest.

A bolt of unease speared her, though whether from his disquieting presence or her awareness of him as an attractive man, she couldn’t be certain.

Clearing her throat, she asked, “What are you doing here, my lord?”


Award winning, Amazon best-selling, and multi-published historical romance author, Collette Cameron, has a BS in Liberal Studies and a Master's in Teaching.  A Pacific Northwest Native, Collette’s been married for thirty years, has three amazing adult children, and five dachshunds. Collette loves a good joke, inspirational quotes, flowers, the beach, trivia, birds, shabby chic, and Cadbury Chocolate. You'll always find dogs, birds, quirky—sometimes naughty—humor, and a dash of inspiration in her novels. Her motto for life? You can’t have too much chocolate, too many hugs, or too many flowers. She’s thinking about adding shoes to that list.

Connect with Collette: